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Educational Resources

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For Teachers


A free  Educator Associate membership puts you in touch with scores of engineers in your local community who are willing and able to help in the classroom.

Foundation Classroom Grants help fund standards-based hands-on inquiry projects relating to aerospace or engineering.


Take advantage of our Aerospace Micro-Lessons, brought to you by the AIAA STEM K-12 Committee. Lessons range from engineering, to mathematics, to physics, to highlighting aerospace anniversaries -- all of which should be easily relatable to your students.

The Educator Academy is designed as standards-based hands-on curriculum that provides "real-world” connections that make your classroom come alive!

The AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award recognizes outstanding educators for their accomplishments in exciting K–12 students about STEM and preparing them to use and contribute to tomorrow's technologies.


The LinkEngineering website is an online community of educators interested in providing meaningful engineering experiences to PreK-12 students of all abilities.

DiscoverE Resources

As students start returning to school it’s a great time to get them thinking about what engineers do.

Use these free resources provided by DiscoverE to inspire wonder:

NASA Resources
Looking for videos, podcasts and ways to make your lessons more exciting?

Check out NASA’s video gallery

NASA also provides a wide variety of K-12 curriculum, activities, and so much more. For NASA educational resources, click here.

NOAA Resources
NOAA offers a plethora of educator resources in many different formats. Don’t miss out on these great NOAA opportunities.

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For Students


The aerospace industry offers a wide array of choices when it comes to a career. There is a job for everyone in one discipline or another. Our publication, Careers in Aerospace gives you great information about what you need to study, and profiles some of our members who hold interesting jobs in the industry.

Looking for fun and exciting STEM activities? Visit the STEM Projects and Activities page brought to you by Brandeis University.

Overwhelmed by the pressures of choosing "the right" college? Here is a guide to The Best Colleges for STEM Students brought to you by

Interested in Structural Dynamics? The Structural Dynamics Technical Committee has created a website to educate people, mainly students, on Structural Dynamics and its influence in Aerospace Engineering and get them interested in that field or career.

NASA Student Resources

FAA Student Resources

NOAA Student Resources


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For Parents


Looking toward your child's future? AIAA offers a variety of opportunities to University Students, including, Scholarships, Design Competitions, Student Conferences, and so much more.

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For Engineers


People who serve as role models can inspire students to see the relevance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to the real world, making the subject matter come alive. Whether you have participated in the training or are viewing it online, AIAA wants you to have the tools to make you successful when working with students in a formal or informal venue. The  Engineers as Educators Workshop will arm you with the tools to help you plan and execute powerful experiences and excite the next generation of engineers.

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