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Engineers as Educators
Engineers as Educators sky diver graphic
Learn the Principles of Flight!

Engineers as Educators

When he pulls that rip cord, what’s on his mind? Calculations about acceleration, speed, load capacity, and gravity? Probably not.

To you, the aerospace professional, these calculations are elementary. But to the elementary student, parachuting is ‘AWESOME’ and the formulas behind it are complicated. How can you bridge that gap?

Make that leap. Pull that educator rip cord within you and share with students your knowledge as an aerospace professional.

AIAA will teach you to inspire students about the marvels of aerospace engineering. Share your passion in a manner students can relate to. Register now for the Engineers as Educators Workshop and you’ll walk away armed with the tools to help you plan and execute powerful experiences and excite the next generation of engineers.

Learn how to:

  • Connect your work to classroom objectives
  • Plan memorable experiences
  • Use simple and clear vocabulary
  • Engage students with hands-on experiences
    • setting up a test flight line for gliders
    • straw rockets
    • parachutes
    • hot air balloons

Want to learn more? Check out the Engineers as Educators Toolkit page.

Looking for a volunteer or mentor?

Are you a teacher in search of a mentor or volunteer to assist you in your classroom or with a project? Check out the AIAA K-12 STEM Event Planning and Volunteer Coordination page. An AIAA Educator Associate can search for an AIAA member who has been through the Engineers as Educators Workshop.

For more information contact Chris Jessee at