AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (Propulsion and Energy 2015)
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AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (Propulsion and Energy 2015)

27 - 29 July 2015
Location: Orlando, Florida
Venue: Hilton Orlando

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At the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition (AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015), the energy and excitement will result as much from the networking opportunities and plenary discussions as from the technical sessions. Propulsion and energy systems are at the very heart of aerospace, whether you are flying passengers to London or satellites to LEO. Every move forward in our exploration of the world, and the universe, is enabled by new technologies, and most of these come from the researchers and engineers who will come together at this forum.

  • What new power system is the best way to the stars?
  • Is the hydrogen fuel cell really a viable option to propel an airplane?
  • Biofuels have proven to be safe and reliable, but will they ever be cost effective?
  • The reprieve from the EU’s emissions trading scheme is over. As we struggle to agree on new aircraft emissions standards, are we also working toward cleaner, more efficient fuels?
  • How do the properties and mitigation technologies for lunar and Martian dust affect propulsion systems?

Questions point the way forward, and the attendees at AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 will be the ones helping to find the answers.



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