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Adaptive Structures
Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems
Aerodynamic Measurement Technology
Aircraft Operations
Applied Aerodynamics
Atmospheric and Space Environments
Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
Balloon Systems
Communications Systems
Computer Systems
Digital Avionics
Electric Propulsion
Energetic Components and Systems
Flight Testing
Fluid Dynamics
Gas Turbine Engines
General Aviation
Ground Testing
Guidance, Navigation and Control
High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion
Hybrid Rockets
Information and Command and Control Systems
Information Systems Group
Inlets, Nozzles, and Propulsion Systems Integration
Intelligent Systems
Legal Aspects Aero and Astro
Lighter-than-Air Systems
Liquid Propulsion
Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments
Microgravity and Space Processes
Missile Systems
Modeling and Simulation
Non-Deterministic Approaches
Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion
Plasmadynamics and Lasers
Product Support
Propellants and Combustion
Propulsion and Energy Group
Sensor Systems and Information Fusion
Small Satellite
Society and Aerospace Tech
Space Architecture
Space Automation and Robotics
Space Colonization
Space Logistics
Space Operations and Support
Space Systems
Space Tethers
Space Transportation
Structural Dynamics
Terrestrial Energy Systems
V/STOL Aircraft Systems
Weapon System Effectiveness


History of Flight
Dr. John Anderson, AIAA Fellow
National Air and Space Museum
Washington, DC
202/357-2515 (M/T/W)
Dr. Thomas Crouch, AIAA Senior Member
Senior Curator, National Air & Space Museum
Washington DC  

History of the Wright Brothers
Dr. Thomas Crouch, AIAA Senior Member
Senior Curator, National Air & Space Museum
Washington DC  

History of Space
Dr. Jerry Grey, AIAA Fellow
Director for Aerospace Policy, AIAA
New York, NY 
Dr. John Logsdon, AIAA Fellow
Professor, George Washington University
Washington, DC