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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Public Policy Committee

    AIAA’s Public Policy Committee (PPC) consists of six outcome-based subgroups, each led by two co-chairs appointed by the Vice President of Public Policy. The subgroups address the Institute’s Key Issue Development, the Congressional Visits Day Program, Forum Integration, States Advocacy, and Engagement Activities.


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    Public Policy Committee (PPC) Subgroup Scopes

    Key Issue Development Subgroup


    Co-Chairs: Steve Dunn and Samantha Magill


    The Key Issue Development Subgroup, with input from the Corporate Member Committee, program and technical committees, and AIAA members through key issue development workshops, is responsible for identifying, consolidating, and focusing on the critical political issues that affect the aerospace industry as a whole. The key issues (KI) and their recommendations will be reviewed and determined annually by the PPC and presented to the AIAA Board of Directors each January for approval.


    The subgroup duties include:

    • Reviewing, editing, and updating the KI matrix / summary
    • Holding key issue development workshops at annual forums
    • Identifying and development of new KIs
    • Developing, reviewing, editing, and updating the KI supporting information papers
    • Identifying, categorizing, and monitoring “Watch Items”


    Congressional Visits Day Program Subgroup


    Co-Chairs: Tim Dominick and Robert LaBranche


    Every year at Congressional Visits Day (CVD), AIAA members – engineers, scientists, researchers, students, educators, and technology executives – travel to Washington, DC, to meet with national decision makers to discuss critical industry issues in civil aeronautics, civil astronautics, and defense. Through face-to-face meetings CVD raises awareness of the long-term economic and security value that aerospace brings to the United States. The CVD Program Subgroup plans and conducts the entirety of the CVD experience, which includes training activities for the participants, drafting outreach documents for dissemination to congressional staff, establishing the agenda for the day, and facilitating follow-up activities with congressional offices.


    Forum Integration Subgroup


    Co-Chairs: Sandy Coleman and Justin Kugler


    The Forum Integration Subgroup is responsible for ensuring that AIAA messages, themes, and key issues relating to public policy are most effectively integrated into the annual forums. The focus group coordinates with each Forum Organizing Committee to:


    • Recommend and recruit relevant plenary speakers
    • Invite relevant policy experts and/or policymakers as forum participants
    • Design Forum 360 sessions that incorporate public policy thought leadership
    • Highlight ongoing public policy activities outside the forums

    States Advocacy Subgroup


    Co-Chairs: Kim Hicks and Steve Justice


    The States Advocacy Subgroup is responsible for enhancing and expanding AIAA’s public policy activities to the state and local levels. To do so, the subgroup:


    • Engages and educates members of Congress during the congressional recess to enhance national efforts
    • Engages and educates state and local decision makers about the importance of the aerospace industry
    • Engages more AIAA members in public policy activities


    Specifically, the subgroup helps strengthen local section public policy activities by:


    • Identifying state coordinators for those states with multiple AIAA Sections
    • Resurrecting the “August is for Aerospace” Program and assisting sections with engaging their elected officials during district work periods
    • Partnering with other aerospace stakeholders to hold state aerospace events to connect local AIAA members with their local leaders
    • Supporting other section-developed events
    • Gathering best practices from the sections and provide “how to” resource materials to help the sections grow local public policy activities
    • Providing access to national and state-level aerospace industry data


    Engagement Activities Subgroup


    Co-Chairs: Phil Hattis and Padraig Moloney


    The Engagement Activities Subgroup will work across multiple mediums and forums to educate AIAA members, the public, elected officials, and other key stakeholders about the breadth of the aerospace profession and what it accomplishes, as well as to place attention on issues important to sustaining progress and advances in the profession.

    Among the paths for the subgroup’s outreach are:


    • Use of online and social media to provide policy alerts, viewpoint exchange, newsletters, and blogs
    • Webinars addressing focused topics
    • Seminars and roundtables that engage, educate, and solicit viewpoints
    • Sessions, forums, and in-person outreach activities at non-AIAA events that enable direct interaction and dialogue with the public and elected officials
    • Topical sessions for policymakers and their staff, including overview of the national roles of aerospace (for newly elected officials), and timely background briefings regarding select aerospace issues that tie to pending legislative action