2013 Regional Leadership Conference

15 - 16 August 2013
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

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Event Overview

23 July 2013

Just Confirmed!! AIAA President and former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin will address the combined luncheon for RLC attendees and AIAA Board members. His presentation will be a short discussion of his views of the industry, and then he will dedicate 30 minutes to answering questions from the audience. This is a terrific opportunity for you to hear his thoughts on AIAA and the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered. 


In addition, AIAA Executive Director and former astronaut Sandy Magnus will address the attendees at Thursday afternoon’s session. She will discuss her views of AIAA going forward. It should be a great opportunity to hear how things have developed over her first year of leadership, and to see what else will be coming. 




The 2013 Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) is an opportunity to introduce new Section Officers and Deputy Directors to the Institute’s resources and programs. In addition, it will provide Sections and Regions with information on upcoming events and new activities to increase Member motivation and encourage Member participation.

The conference is open to all Section Officers and Deputy Directors: those experienced officers, as well as new recruits – including students.  The skills introduced at the RLC will make your role as an AIAA Section Officer or Deputy Director a more rewarding experience and will give you the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on all areas of your professional and personal development!

Students may find the conference beneficial. The information and leadership skills are applicable to student branches. Grad students may also find that acting as a section officer is a great opportunity. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to begin your professional networking.

At this conference, you will:

  • Obtain the tools and resources needed to be an effective and efficient leader in your Section and Region.
  • Receive information on AIAA’s upcoming activities and new programs.
  • Have the opportunity to meet and network with other Section and Regional officers as well as members of AIAA’s Board of Directors.


Do you have an idea or topic that would like to see on this year's agenda? The planning committee would like to hear it. Please send your ideas, topics, or items you believe should be covered at this year's RLC to the Planning Committee.


Travel and Accommodation 


The meeting will be held immediately following the 2013 AIAA AVIATION Conference. The conference hotel and facility will be the same as for that meeting. For full details and help on planning your trip, see information on the Aviation Conference.

Who will be attending this Conference:

  • Members of the AIAA Board of Directors
  • Regional Directors
  • Regional Deputy Directors
  • Section Officers
  • Section Council Members
  • AIAA Staff


The official dress of the Regional Leadership Conference is Business Casual.

Travel Assistance:

Most attendees will have their travel expenses paid for by their organization or Section; however, a travel assistance program has been established for AIAA Sections. AIAA Sections can be sent a one-time allotment of $500 ($200 if the RLC is within 100 miles of a Section) to help fund travel.

Attendees may request travel assistance with their registration.

Section Chairs should confirm the name of an RLC attendee to Stephen Brock for the section to receive travel assistance.