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    Course Outline

    Concepts in the Modern Design of Experiments

    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction
    A. Overview
    B. History and need for improved experimental methods

    II. Quantifying resource requirements
    A. Scaling data volume to technical objectives
    B. An inference error risk management perspective

    III. Factorial designs
    A. Interaction effects
    B. Hidden replication
    C. Enhanced inductive basis

    IV. Fractional factorial designs
    A. Aliasing and design resolution
    B. Design generators and generating relations
    C. Screening designs

    V. “Tactical” vs. “strategic” quality assurance
    A. Replication: Our defense against random errors
    B. Blocking: Our defense against time-varying systematic errors
    C. Randomization: The practical alternative to “statistical control”

    VI. Sequential assembly
    A. Design augmentation
    B. The “25% Rule”

    VII. Response surface methods
    A. Basic principles of regression and ANOVA
    B. Central Composite Designs

    VIII. Parting thoughts
    A. Future directions in aerospace MDOE
    B. Managing the introduction of disruptive technology