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AIAA in the News

AIAA in the News


20 August 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Michimasa Fujin, President and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, to Receive Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design Award
from SAE International SAE International to Honor Honda Aircraft Company President Michimasa Fujino with Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson Aerospace Vehicle Design Award

20 August 2014
AIAA Member Prasun Bansal Featured in Story on Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad
The Business Standard NASA to Politics, IIM-A's Executive Batch has it All

20 August 2014
AIAA Honorary Fellow Earl H. Dowell to Speak at Clarkson University on the Future of Engineering Education
Clarkson News Duke University Professor Earl Dowell to Speak at Clarkson University on Future of Engineering Education

11 August 2014
AIAA Fellow Robert W. Farquhar Provided Advice to ISEE-3 Team to Bring Satellite Out of Retirement to be Run by Independent Team
BetaBeat Civilians in Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control of Wandering Space Satellite

6 August 2014
AIAA Alabama/Mississippi Section to Host Talk on the Future of Huntsville, Alabama in the Nation's Space Program Experts will discuss Huntsville's Future in U.S. Space Program Thursday Night

4 August 2014
New Paper by AIAA Fellow and Associate Fellow Explores Game Theory as a Way to Provide Improved Coordination of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Improving Coordination of Unmanned Vehicles

1 August 2014
Paper Presented at AIAA Conference Renews Interest in Em Drive Technology
Next Big Future Renewed Hope for Em Drive With NASA Validation, Is This a Chicago Pile Moment?

1 August 2014
AIAA Honorary Fellow Norman Augustine's Book "Augustine's Laws" Published by AIAA Related to Story on US Air Force's Desire for Faster, Cheaper Weapon System Air Force Wants Weapons Faster, Cheaper as it sees Writing on Wall

31 July 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Discusses the Current Geopolitical Implications of US - Russian Relations on Use of the ISS
The Cleveland Plain Dealer Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Sandy Magnus Discounts Russian Threat to End International Space Station Partnership (video)

29 July 2014
MTI Exhibits with AIAA
Virtual-Strategy Additive Manufacturing Of C-103, A Niobium-Based Alloy, Taking Shape At MTI

28 July 2014
AIAA Senior Member and Flight Director for the Curiosity Rover's Mar's Landing to Speak at Louisiana State University's Summer Commencement Ceremony
LSU News LSU Alumnus Keith Comeaux to Deliver Summer Commencement Address

28 July 2014
AIAA Student Branch at University of Nebraska Helps Left Handed Students Get a Grip
Journal Star UNL Students Solve Southpaws' Woes with 3-D Printer

24 July 2014
AIAA Senior Member Peter Hollingsworth, of the University of Manchester, U.K., Discusses MH17 Investigation
The Epoch Times What This Photograph Might Tell Investigators About What Really Happened to MH17

24 July 2014
Data from AIAA Workshop to be Featured in Interactive Forum on Meshing
MCADCafePointwise Forum to Focus on Complex Geometries, Very Large Grids

24 July 2014
AIAA Hydrogen Standard Mentioned in Story About Converting to a Hydrogen Energy Economy
Renewablesbiz Adapting to Climate Change by Using Hydrogen for Power Generation

21 July 2014
USC's Asad Madni, AIAA Fellow, Awarded Distinguished Alumni Award from Engineering Honor Society Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Names Dr. Hampton, Dr. Madni, & Col. Payton as 2014 Distinguished Alumni

21 July 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra H. Magnus Part of National Academy of Science Panel that Finds its Too Soon for Additive Manufacturing to Benefit Space Operations
Noodls Too Soon for 3-D Printing to Significantly Enhance Space Operations, Report Says

21 July 2014
AIAA Senior Member Peter Hollingsworth, of the University of Manchester, U.K., Discusses the Concept of Restricted Airspace
The Raw Story When and Why is Air Space Restricted?

20 July 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra H. Magnus Discusses Chinese Goals for Moon Exploration with the Houston Chronicle
The Houston Chronicle While NASA Fixates on Mars, Space Rivals Shoot for the Moon

17 July 2014
New Study on Fitting Military Helmets with Additional Shockwave Protection to Minimize IED Damage Published with AIAA
NRL News NRL Simulates IED-Like Blast Waves Against Army Helmet Prototypes

17 July 2014
Listen as AIAA's Jeff Puschell and Antony Williams Discuss AIAA SPACE 2014 with The Space Show
The Space Show Listen as AIAA's Jeff Puschell and Antony Williams Discuss AIAA SPACE 2014 with The Space Show

16 July 2014
AIAA's Jeff Puschell and Antony Williams to Appear on The Space Show Today at 8:30 a.m. (PDT) to Discuss AIAA SPACE 2014
The Space Show AIAA's Jeff Puschell and Antony Williams to Appear on The Space Show Today at 8:30 a.m. (PDT) to Discuss AIAA SPACE 2014

16 July 2014
NASA's Robert Pearce's Presentation at AIAA AVIATION 2014 Cited in Article on the Future of Supersonic and Hypersonic Flight
AINonline Paper Airplanes: Billions Needed For New Super/Hyper-sonic Designs

8 July 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Featured in Retrospective on STS-135
Florida Today Final Atlantis Crew Reflects on Progress

3 July 2014
AIAA Fellow Fred Ordway Passes Away on July 1
Smithsonian Air and Space Remembering Frederick Ira Ordway, III

30 June 2014
AIAA Member Doug Plata Appears on The Space Show to Discuss Lunar Cots and cislunar Space Development
The Space Show The Space Show Special Edition with Doug Plata

24 June 2014
AIAA Fellow Ephraim J. Gutmark Named to Fulbright Specialist Program
University of Cincinnati News Ephraim Gutmark Receives Fulbright Specialist Award

24 June 2014
AIAA/USU SmallSats Conference is the Biggest Small Conference in Utah
Utah Policy The Biggest Small Conference You Likely Don't Know About

23 June 2014
AIAA Paper Included in Discussion of American Dependency on Russia for its Space Exploration Needs
The Daily Beast Why Does the USA Depend on Russian Rockets to Get Us Into Space?"

20 June 2014
Georgia Well Positioned to be Player in UAV Industry Say Experts at AIAA AVIATION 2014
Savannah Morning News Georgia is Prepared to be a Player When the Drone Industry Takes Off

20 June 2014
AIAA Greater Huntsville Section to Participate in NASA Marshall's 'NASA on the Square' Event
Space Ref NASA on the Square' Bringing Marshall Space Flight Center to Downtown Huntsville, Alabama

19 June 2014
Students in Pakistan Fly Country's First Solar Powered UAV at AIAA Competition
The International News Air University Students Fly Solar Energy-Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

18 June 2014
Representatives of Georgia's Aviation Industry Express Concerns about Finding Quality Workers at AIAA AVIATION 2014
Savannah Now Georgia Aviation Industry Concerned About Quality Workers

18 June 2014
Airbus' U.S. Chief Explains How Name Changed Lifted Airbus' Image in Washington at AIAA AVIATION 2014
Yahoo News Name Change Lifts Airbus' Image in Washington: Airbus U.S. Chief

18 June 2014
NASA Talks Supersonic Transport at AIAA AVIATION 2014
Space Daily NASA Aeronautics Makes Strides to Bring Back Supersonic Passenger Travel

17 June 2014
Delta Exec Talks About Future of Delta Fleet at AIAA AVIATION 2014
Yahoo News Delta Executive Says no Fit for A380 in Carrier's System

12 June 2014
AIAA Member Harold White Talks about Possbility of Warp Speed, Interstellar Travel
The Daily Mail Engage Warp Drive! NASA Reveals Latest Designs for a Star Trek-style Spacecraft That Could Make Interstellar Travel a Reality

4 June 2014
More than 200 Students Take Part in Science Fair Sponsored by AIAA's Vandenberg Section
Santa Maria Sun Students Celebrate at The 29th annual Central Coast Science Fair

4 June 2014
AIAA Fellow Steven J Battel on Board of BoldyGo Institute
Times Union Houston, You Have a Problem: A NYS-Based Space Program

3 June 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Clayton Mowry to Appear on The Space Show Today at 10:00 p.m. Eastern This Week on the Space Show

2 June 2014
AIAA Senior Member Michelle Rouch Debuts New Art Work Capturing the Romance of Space
BizWire Express The Romance of Space Artwork Unveiling Ceremony at the Tucson International Airport

2 June 2014
AIAA's Northwest Florida Section Helps Promote STEM Education for Teachers
Northwest Florida Daily News AF Helps State University Educate Teachers

30 May 2014
AIAA's Vandenberg Section Promotes STEM
Lompoc News 9th Annual Central Coast Science Fair to be held at LVMS

19 May 2014
AIAA Senior Member Lt Col David Richie Named 2014 Engineering Educator of the Year by AIAA's Rocky Mountain Section
U.S. Air Force Academy News Academy Professor Named Engineering Educator of the Year

14 May 2014
Pennsylvania State University's Participation in AIAA Design/Build/Fly Contest Highlighted
Penn State News Penn State Places Sixth at National Aircraft Design Contest

14 May 2014
AIAA Fellow Dr. John Langford, CEO of Aurora Flight Sciences, To Receive National Aeronautic Association's Cliff Henderson Trophy
NAA Dr. John Langford Awarded the NAAA Cliff Henderson Trophy

14 May 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus' Space Culinary Skills Highlighted
io9 Blog What Happens When You Cook French Fries in Space

14 May 2014
AIAA - AVUSI Forum on Unmanned Systems Highlighted
AINonline Manufacturers Must Prove Commercial UAS Flight Safety Says FAA

14 May 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow John Sparks Named 2014 College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni at Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech News College of Engineering Names John Sparks its 2014 College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni at Virginia Tech

13 May 2014
AIAA Student Member John P. Mayo of Texas A&M University Awarded James Fife Fellowship from Tau Beta Pi
Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Fellows for 2014-2015

12 May 2014
University of Southern California's Winning Team in AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition Profiled
USC News Student Engineers Shoot to No. 1 in Airplane Design-and-Fly Contest

9 May 2014
Former AIAA Member Lew Wallick's Career as Test Pilot Subject of New Book
Seattle Magazine Seventeen Seconds in the Life of a Boeing Experimental Test Pilot

9 May 2014
Clarkson University's Participation in AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition Highlighted
Clarkson News Clarkson University Team Flies High in Design/Build/Fly Competition

8 May 2014
AIAA Fellow Helen Reed Made Piper Professor at Texas A&M University
Texas A&M News Helen Reed Named Piper Professor by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation

8 May 2014
AIAA China Lake Section to Help Rededicate Memorial at X-15 Crash Site
The Daily Independent (05/08/2014) Crash Site Memorial Rededicated

8 May 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Pier Marzocca Made Full Professor at Clarkson University
Clarkson News (05/08/2014) Pier Marzocca Promoted to Full Professor at Clarkson University

8 May 2014
Worcester Polytechnic Institute' AIAA Student Branch Highlighted
The Daily Herd (05/08/2014) WPI Teams Earn AIAA Student Conference Honors

6 May 2014
AIAA President Jim Albaugh and Immediate Past President Mike Griffin Urge Mars Mission as Means of Refocusing NASA
The Houston Chronicle (05/06/2014) Griffin, Albaugh: Mars Mission Could Serve to Refocus Purpose of NASA

6 May 2014
UAE's Khalifa University's Participation in the AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition Highlighted
The National (05/06/2014) Khalifa University Students Compete in Radio Controlled Aircraft Competition

6 May 2014
AIAA Award Winning Student Design Project Highlighted
UAH News (05/06/2014) Professors, Students Cook up Something Cool With Airship

5 May 2014
Central Connecticut State University AIAA Student Branch Participation in AIAA Regional Student Paper Competition Highlighted
New Britain Herald (05/05/2014) SCENE @ CCSU: Engineering Students Can Put Their Talents to Test

5 May 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus' Appearance at USA Engineering and Science Festival Highlighted
The Examiner (05/05/2014) The 2014 USA Engineering and Science Festival

1 May 2014
AIAA Honorary Fellow John C. Houbolt Dies
The Washington Post (05/01/2014) NASA Scientist John C. Houbolt, Whose Ideas Helped Put a Man on the Moon, Dead at 95

1 May 2014
Team from AIAA Student Branch at Ohio Northern University Competes at Design Competition
Ada Icon (05/01/2014) Ohio Northern University competes at SAE Aero Design East Competition

30 April 2014
AIAA Student Branch at Northeastern University Highlighted
Northeastern News (04/30/2014) Student Group Blasts Off

28 April 2014
AIAA Member 2nd Lt. Victor Lopez, U.S. Air Force, Facilitates Videoconference Between Students and Astronauts on the International Space Station (04/28/2014) Laughlin Airman Presents Unique Opportunity for Del Rio Students

28 April 2014
AIAA Educator Associate Rachael Manzer Named an Educator Fellow by the Connecticut Science Teachers Association
The Courant (04/28/2014) Rachael Manzer Named An Educator Fellow By Connecticut Science Teacher Association

25 April 2014
Alexander Angilella, President, AIAA Student Branch at RPI, Takes Part in Astronaut Q&A Session
Poly.RPI.Edu (04/25/2014) RPI Alumnus Answers Questions From Space Station

25 April 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Rakesh K. Kapania to Receive Purdue University's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Outstanding Aerospace Engineer Award
VTNews (04/25/2014) Rakesh K. Kapania Receives Purdue University's Outstanding Aerospace Engineer Award

23 April 2014
AIAA Fellow Edward E. Francisco, Jr. to Posthumously Receive the 2014 Laurance S. Reid Award from the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
IT News (4/23/2014) Edward E. Francisco, Jr. to Receive Prestigious ISHM Honor

21 April 2014
AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh Discusses Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing
Albuquerque Express (04/21/2014) Building Jetliners Harder than Building Spacecraft, Jim Albaugh Says

15 April 2014
Team From Mexico Wins AIAA Award for Best Telemetry and Electronics at NASA Great Moonbuggy Race
SpaceRef (04/15/2014) Great Moonbugy Race Winners

15 April 2014
Former AIAA President Norman Augustine to Speak at Michigan State University Graduation
MSU News (04/15/2014) Global Business Execs to Take Center Stage at MSU Commencement

14 April 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Featured Speaker at Washington Exec K-12 STEM Symposium
Washington Technology (04/14/2014) Contractors Have More Than One Pipeline to Worry About

14 April 2014
AIAA Student Branch at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan, Hosts Design/Build/Fly Competition (04/14/2014) A Three-Day Design, Build and Fly Competition was Held in Ghulam


10 April 2014
University of Alabama's Entry to AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition Profiled
The Crimson and White (04/10/2014) Engineering team prepares to take flight in Kansas

9 April 2014
AIAA Member Onome Scott-Emuakpor Wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
The Fairborn Paper (04/09/2014) Former Raider Receives Presidential Early Career Award

9 April 2014
AIAA Joins 33 Organizations in Calling on FAA to Expedite Rulemaking for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
PR Web (04/09/2014) AIAA Joins 33 Organizations in Calling on FAA to Expedite Rulemaking for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

4 April 2014
AIAA Student Branch at UCLA to Host Airplane Building Contest as Part of E-Week Festivities
Daily Bruin (04/04/2014) Engineering Society of UCLA to host annual E-Week

3 April 2014
Jim Albaugh Elected as Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association
Aero News Network (04/03/2014) Elected As Chairman Of The National Aeronautic Association

1 April 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Mark Anderson to Speak About Future of Aviation
Digital Journal (04/1/2014) NASA Talk Highlights What's Next for Tomorrow's Airplanes

31 March 2014
AIAA Region VI Student Conference Highlighted
BSN (03/31/2014) Aerospace in the Spotlight at AIAA Student Conference

31 March 2014
AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh to Speak on Panel About the State of the Airline Industry
Tukwila Reporter (03/21/2014) Aviation Professionals to Discuss why it Takes so Long to get New Plane Flying

28 March 2014
NASA Center Directors Speak at AIAA's California Aerospace Day Program
NASA News (03/28/2014) NASA Centers Represented at California Aerospace Day

28 March 2014
AIAA Fellows Dr. Helen Reed and Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas Recieve Texas A&M University Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Awards
Texas A&M News (03/28/2014) Two Aerospace Faculty Selected for Distinguished Achievement Awards

28 March 2014
AIAA Fellow Helen Reed Appointed as Edward “Pete” Aldridge Professor at Texas A&M
Texas A&M News (03/28/2014) Reed Appointed as Edward "Pete" Aldridge Professor

27 March 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Mehdi Ahmadian named Dan Pletta Professor by Virginia Tech Board of Visitors
Virginia Tech News (03/27/2014) Mehdi Ahmadian named Dan Pletta Professor

26 March 2014
AIAA's California Aerospace Day Program Highlighted
Hispanic Business Times (03/26/2014) California Aerospace Industry Leading the Nation Into Space, Lawmakers Told

24 March 2014
Kerala, India's Toc-H Institute of Science and Technology's Selection for AIAA Can-Sat Competition Highlighted
The South Asian Times (03/24/2014) Kerala Sudents to Compete in Designing a Mars Rover

24 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Speaks at STEM Symposium
Washington Exec (03/24/2014) Inaugural STEM Symposium Hosts Top Local Student Science Fair Projects, Former Astronauts and Industry STEM Leaders

18 March 2014
AIAA Fellow Robert Farquhar's Exploration Exploits Profiled
NPR  (03/18/2014) Space Thief Or Hero? One Man's Quest To Reawaken An Old Friend

19 March 2014
AIAA Cybersecurity Framework for Aviation Noted in Article on Malaysian Air MH370
Israel Defense (03/19/2014) Was Malaysia Flight MH370 Cyber-Hijacked?

18 March 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow John L Crassidis to Receive SUNY at Buffalo's Dr. Richard T. Sarkin Award for Excellence in Teaching
SUNY Buffalo News Center (03/18/2014) 13 to Be Honored by the UB Alumni Association

17 March 2014
AIAA Fellow Joanne Maguire Elected to Colorado Woman's Hall of Fame
The Denver Post (03/14/2014) Colorado Women's Hall of Fame to Induct Class of 2014

17 March 2014
AIAA Student Section at University of Illinois Participates in Engineering Open House
The Daily Illini (03/17/2014) Engineering Open House Attracts Thousands Nationally

13 March 2014
AIAA Fellow Darryll Pines Named to Aurora Flight Sciences Board of Directors
Citybizlist (03/13/2014)Professor Darryll Pines to Join Aurora Board

13 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Discusses the Importance of Workplace Diversity and How to Encourage Kids to See STEM Careers
Smashpipe Magazine (03/13/2014)Involving Everyone in the Conversation

13 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Discusses Space Policy and Life on the ISS
U.S. News & World Report (03/13/2014) Behind Nat Geo's 'Live From Space'

12 March 2014
Space X Raptor Engine, First Debuted at the AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference in 2012, Profiled
NASA (03/12/2014) paceX Advances Drive for Mars Rocket via Raptor Power

11 March 2014
Rutgers University Student AIAA Branch Work on UAVs is Highlighted
The Daily Targum (03/11/2014) Rutgers Receives Contract for Expanding Use of Drones

10 March 2014
Aerospace Tax Credit Bill Supported by AIAA Passes California State Assembly
Los Angeles Times (03/10/2014) Space Rockets

10 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Interviewed by Parade Magazine
Parade (03/10/2014) The Food Is Not Bad!' Q&A With Former NASA Astronaut Sandy Magnus

7 March 2014
AIAA SciTech 2014 Future Workforce Panel Video Highlighted
Defense Industry Daily (03/07/2014) Defense and Aerospace Workforce Challenges

7 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus to Speak at STEM Exhibition
Washington Exec (03/07/2014) WashingtonExec Announces Speaker Program for Inaugural STEM Symposium

6 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus to Give Commencement Address at Lindenwood University - Belleville (03/6/2014) Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Sandra Magnus to be Lindenwood University-Belleville's 2014 Commencement Speaker

5 March 2014
AIAA Member Don C. Bateman Wins Elmer A. Sperry Award For Advancing Flight Safety
Hawaii News Now (03/05/2014) Honeywell's Don Bateman Named 2013 Recipient Of Elmer A. Sperry Award For Advancing Flight Safety

4 March 2014
Researchers to Debut Cutting-Edge Aerospace Research Tailored to the Health Field - Helping Patients Breath Easier
University of Cincinnati News (03/04/2014) NUC Research Benefits Surgeons Making Decisions on How to Help Their Patients Breathe Easier

3 March 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus' Testimony to Congress on Mars Flyby Highlighted
NBC (03/03/2014) Mars Flyby Schedule Reset for 2021, But Will It Ever Fly?

3 March 2014
University of Hawaii at Mānoa's AIAA Award Winning Student Satellite Program Highlighted
SatMagazine (03/03/2014) Good Things Come in Small Packages

25 February 2014
AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus to Testify to Congress (02/25/2014) House Committee to Mull NASA Piloted Flyby of Mars and Venus

24 February 2014
AIAA Member Julie Shaw Delivers Talk on Integrating Robots Into Team-Oriented Environments (02/24/2014) RI Seminar: Julie A. Shah : Integrating Robots Into Team-Oriented Environments

20 February 2014
AIAA Members to Call on Florida Legislators as Part of Florida Space Day (02/20/2014) Florida Space Industry To Visit State's Capitol On March 12

19 February 2014
Cory Absi, President of Boston University's AIAA Student Branch, Interviewed in Story About Space Dust Analysis Discovery
The Daily Free Press (02/19/2014) Smaller is Better: Researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, Discover New Technique to Analyze Space Dust

18 February 2014
Pennsylvanian Congressman Chaka Fattah Interviewed at AIAA SciTech 2014 (02/17/2014) His Federal Agenda Actually is Rocket Science

7 February 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Brandon Wegge Named to St. Louis Business Journal's 40 Under 40 List
St. Louis Business Journal (02/07/2014) 40 Under 40: Brandon Wegge

6 February 2014
AIAA To Be Sponsor of Florida Space Day
Parabolic Arc (02/6/2014) Florida Space Day Set for March 12

5 February 2014
AIAA Fellow Aditi Chattopadhyay Named Regent Professor at Arizona State University
ASU News (02/5/2014) Leading Expert in Aerospace Engineering at Forefront of Emerging Technologies

3 February 2014
AIAA Corporate Member Will Pomerantz, Vice President for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic, Explains Why We Must Explore Outer Space in Tedx Talk
Smashpipe (02/3/14) Why We Go: Leaving Our Beautiful Home and Exploring Outer Space

30 January 2014
AIAA Executive Director Provides Formal Statement to U.S. Senate Committee Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (1/30/2014) Testified on "Examining Conference and Travel Spending Across the Federal Government."

29 January 2014
AIAA Fellow A. Thomas Young to Receive National Space Foundation's General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award
Spaceref (1/29/2014) Space Foundation will Present the 2014 General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award to A. Thomas Young

23 January 2014
AIAA Vice President Elect of Membership Annalisa Weigel Featured in Article on Attempted Theft of F-35 Plans, AIAA Member Sofia Azahari Also Interviewed
The Los Angeles Times (1/23/2014) Engineer Accused of Trying to Send F-35 Fighter Jet Papers to Iran

22 January 2014
AIAA Senior Member Ken Elchert Authors Book on Possible Origins of Star of Bethlehem Phenomenon
Australian Business (1/24/2014) Glendora, California, Author Publishes New Book

21 January 2014
AIAA Educator Associate June Scobee Rodgers, Founding Chairwoman of the Challenger Learning Center, to Present Program on the Need for STEM Teachers
The Chattanoogan (1/24/2014) Dr. June Scobee Rodgers Speaks On Need For STEM Teachers Jan. 29 At UTC

14 January 2014
AIAA Joint Letter on Government Travel Ban Featured In Commentary on Testimony Relating to the Ban
The Union of Concerned Scientists (1/14/2014) Dear Senate Ease Travel Restrictions on Government Scientists

9 January 2014
AIAA Executive Director Appears on The Space Show to Discuss SciTech 2014
The Space Show (1/9/2014) Special Guest Sandra Magnus Discusses SciTech 2014

8 January 2014
AIAA Senior Member Benjamin Longmier Featured in Discussion on the Comparison of the Polar Vortex to Temperatures on Mars (1/8/2014) It's Colder in the U.S. than on Mars, Twitterverse Says

8 January 2014
AIAA Associate Fellow Neil McCasland Named Director of Technology at Applied Technology Associates (ATA)
KGO-TV ABC-7 (1/8/2014) Applied Technology Associates (ATA) Names Dr. Neil McCasland as New Director of Technology

6 January 2014
AIAA Fellow William L. Ballhaus to Receive Foundation Fighting Blindness Visionary Award
WashingtonExec (1/6/2014) SRA International President and CEO William Ballhaus To Be Honored with Visionary Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness