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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Board of Directors, Student Liaison

    Student Liaison to the AIAA Board of Directors

    Liaison to the Board 2015-2018

    The Student Liaison to the AIAA Board of Directors May 2015-May 2017 has been selected. The liaison is Samantha Alberts, Purdue University.


    The objective of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics.  The Institute encourages: original research; furthers the dissemination of new knowledge; fosters the professional development of those engaged in scientific and engineering activities; improves public understanding of the profession and its contributions; fosters education in engineering and science; promotes communication among engineers and scientists, as well as other professional groups; and stimulates outstanding professional accomplishments.

    The AIAA Board of Directors, Student Liaison was instituted in January 2004, at the request of the AIAA Board of Directors through the AIAA Strategic Plan.  The AIAA Strategic Plan tasked AIAA to establish a liaison position on the Board of Directors for Student Members.  This newly established position is to be a non-voting Board of Directors position, lasting two years in duration.  Liaisons will be paid to travel to attend Board of Directors meetings in January (Aerospace Sciences Meeting), May (Washington, DC Board Meetings) and August (meeting TBD) each year.  If the Student Liaison is unable to attend a meeting during their term, they will be expected to file a report with the Vice President – Member Services prior to the Board Meeting.  In addition, the Student Liaison will be asked to participate in various other meetings and activities that are co-located with the Board of Directors meeting (receptions, special events, etc.)

    By naming a liaison position to the Board of Directors, AIAA hopes to have a more direct link to our student members, thus providing more direct feedback to help AIAA create comprehensive programs to attract and retain future young professionals and students.


    Applicants for the position of AIAA Board of Directors, Student Liaison shall meet the following eligibility requirements:

    1. Applicant must be an AIAA student member in good standing for at least one year, prior to selection, to apply.

    2. Applicant must (to the best of their knowledge) be students for the duration of the Student Liaison position.  If Applicant is selected and during that term Applicant is no longer a student, Applicant must cede position to another AIAA Student member approved by the Student Activities Committee and the AIAA Board of Directors.

    3. Applicants may be students of any nationality attending a college, university, or trade school within the United States.

    Selection Criteria

    The AIAA Board of Directors, Student Liaison will be selected on the basis of the following criteria, which are listed in order of importance:

    1. Application
      A completed application form must be received by AIAA Headquarters by 15 October 2014 8 December 2014.  The application form should be typed in English.

    2. Essay
      This criterion will be evaluated by assessment of a 500-1,000 word essay.  The essay should specify how you feel you would best represent the AIAA Student Membership as the Board of Directors Liaison.

    3. Recommendations
      Each applicant must include at least two (2) and no more than three (3) typewritten letters of recommendation. Recommendations from relatives will not be accepted.  One (1) letter of recommendation must come from a Department Head, Advisor or equivalent representative from your school, indicating their support of your application.

    4. Extracurricular/Professional Activities
      Each applicant's relevant work experience, college and community activities, offices, awards, and publications/conference presentations will receive due consideration.

    5. Participation in AIAA
      Each applicant's participation in AIAA activities and events will receive due consideration.

    6. Personal Résumé
      Each applicant will provide a résumé.

    After an initial selection round, all remaining applicants will be asked to complete a phone, or in-person where applicable, interview on their prior experience and preparations for the AIAA Student Liaison position. This will weigh heavily on the final selection process.

    Administration of the Program

    1. General
      A selection committee made up of AIAA professional members and the incumbent AIAA Student Liaison will be responsible for selecting this individual.  AIAA Headquarters shall serve as the custodian and disbursing agency for the travel funds and will be responsible for handling the administrative details of the program. Note: expenses will not be covered for periods of time not agreed upon in advance.

    2. Publicity
      The Board of Directors, Student Liaison will be publicized in Aerospace America and in various AIAA section “Newsletters” or “Bulletins.” The program is also planned to be publicized in other appropriate national publications.

    3. Submittal of Application Packages
      A complete application package will consist of the following:
      • Application
      • Essay
      • Recommendations
      • Listing of extracurricular/professional activities
      • Listing of AIAA participation
      • Personal résumé

    The completed application package must be received at AIAA Headquarters no later than, 15 October 2014 8 December 2014, for consideration for the May 2015 – April 2017 position.  Applications and related materials should be emailed to Stephen Brock ( or can be mailed to the following address

    AIAA Student Liaison Board Application
    c/o Stephen Brock
    1801 Alexander Bell Drive
    Suite 500
    Reston, VA 20191-4344

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to have a completed application package at the above address by the deadline date.  We recommend that all letters of reference be sent by the applicant along with the rest of the application package.

    1. Selection of the AIAA Board of Directors, Student Liaison
      The decision of the AIAA Selection Committee is considered to be final and all candidates will be advised of the outcome by 1 March 2015

    2. Disbursement of the Travel Reimbursement
      AIAA will incur the cost of the Board of Directors, Student Liaison travel to three (3) meetings per year.  AIAA Board of Directors meetings are usually held each January, May and August.  Travel support will include the cost of airfare, hotel and meals during the program dates.

      Upon acceptance, the Student Liaison will receive a complete package of information on AIAA travel policies and procedures.  This will include information on AIAA’s recognized travel agency and instructions on how to file a completed expense report at the end of each trip.  Disbursement of travel reimbursement shall be upon receipt of this final expense report.

    3. Questions
      All questions can be directed to Stephen Brock, at (703) 264-7536, or via e-mail at