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Speaker Expense Reimbursement & Distinguished Lecture Programs

Speaker Expense Reimbursement & Distinguished Lecture Programs

Having trouble finding a speaker for your monthly program or for your end of year banquet? Hopefully, the Distinguished Lecture Program (DL) or the new Speaker Expense Reimbursement Program can help.

Since 1969, the DL program has been helping section officers meet the needs of their members. The program grew from helping small sections to helping very large sections and student branches with their program and events.

AIAA introduced a new program, the Speaker Expense Reimbursement Program, to complement the current DL Program. Both Programs are available to the Sections and Student Branches. A Section may have up to two speakers per year and a Student Branch may have one speaker per year, as long as funds are available.

The program year runs from 1 October–30 September. The speaker(s) may come from the Distinguished Lecture list or the speaker’s expenses can be reimbursed through the new Speaker Expense Reimbursement Program. Click here for the details of each program.

To access the Distinguished Lecturer Manual in its entirety, including speaker information, please visit the link in "related content," on this page.