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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Organizing Committee

    Organizing Committee

    Executive Steering Committee

    James H. Crocker
    Lockheed Martin Space Systems


    Lt Gen (Ret) Larry D. James 
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


    Gregory Jones
    Orbital Sciences


    David King
    Dynetics, Inc.


    William A. Klanke

    Jeffrey Puschell

    Raytheon Company


    Christopher Scolese 
    NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center

    Lt Gen (Ret) John T. "Tom" Sheridan
    The SI Organization, Inc.

    Forum Organizing Committee 

    Jeffrey Puschell, Forum General Chair and Recognition Chair

    Raytheon Company

    Gregory Scott, Forum Integration Program Chair
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

    Anthony Williams, Forum Technical Program Chair
    Jacobs Engineering

    Edgar Bering, Education Chair
    University of Houston

    David Finkleman, International Chair
    SkySentry, LLC

    Jane Hansen, Membership Chair
    HRP Systems, Inc.

    Kevin Burns, Membership/Local Section
    Northrop Grumman Corporation

    J.R. Edwards, Public Policy Chair
    Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Michelle Bailey, Social Media Chair
    The University of Alabama

    Clinton Plaisted, Standards Chair
    a.i. solutions

    Sarah Shull, Young Professional Chair
    NASA Johnson Space Center

    David Dress, CASE Conference Chair
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Peter Lai, ASC Conference Chair (AIAA)

    Robert Melton, ASC Conference Chair (AAS)
    Pennsylvania State University

    Chuck Cynamon, ICSSC General Chair, ICSSC Conference Co-Chair

    SSL Federal

    F. Ayhan Sakarya, Communications Systems Technical Committee Chair, ICSSC Conference Co-Chair
    REED Integration, Inc.

    Robert (Bob) Frueholz, ICSSC Colloquium Chair
    The Aerospace Corporation

    Technical Program

    Anthony Williams, Forum Technical Program Chair

    Jacobs Engineering

    Laura Speckman, Aerospace Corporation Representative
    The Aerospace Corporation

    Communications Systems (ICSSC)
    Rabindra (Rob) Singh

    Astrodynamics Specialist
    Alan B. Jenkin (AIAA)
    The Aerospace Corporation

    Marcus J. Holzinger (AAS)
    School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

    National Security Space
    Roberta Ewart
    Space and Missile Systems Center

    Joseph Betser
    The Aerospace Corporation

    Space and Earth Science
    Virendra Sarohia
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Space Exploration
    Chris Moore

    NASA Headquarters

    Surendra P. Sharma
    NASA Ames Research Center

    Space Operations & Logistics
    Shirley Tseng
    MorganFranklin Corporation

    Larry Bryant

    Kandyce E. Goodliff
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Space Resources and Colonization
    Leslie Gertsch
    Missouri University of Science and Technology

    Larry Clark
    Lockheed Martin

    Anita Gale
    Aerospace Education Competitions

    Ron Kohl
    R.J. Kohl and Associates

    Space History, Society, and Policy
    Jarret Lafleur
    Sandia National Laboratories

    Cam Martin
    NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

    James D. Rendleman

    Space Systems
    Jim Baker
    Arrow Science and Technology

    Jeremy Straub
    University of North Dakota

    Space Transportation and Launch Systems
    Clinton Plaisted
    a.i. solutions, Inc.

    Miroslav Sir
    The Aerospace Corporation

    Space Robotics and Space Architecture
    Steven E. Fredrickson
    NASA Johnson Space Center

    Jackelynne Silva
    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

    Space Systems Engineering and Space Economics
    Michelle Bailey
    The University of Alabama

    Sherry Stukes
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Daniel Nigg
    Aerospace Corporation

    Reinventing Space
    Charles Kilmer 
    AIAA Los Angeles – Las Vegas Section