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    Utah Section Activities - National Engineers Week 2013

    National Engineers Week 2013

    Utah Section Activities

    AIAA-Utah-E-Week-2013---1Our main activities were done in conjunction with Northrop Grumman at their facility on Hill Air Force Base. Throughout the week there was a pancake breakfast kickoff, high school and elementary outreach, a bridge competition, a distinguished speaker, and 5 separate presentations from university groups (Weber State's HARBOR Project, Utah State's Rocket / Moon Buggy / Climbing Projects, BYU's Metrology Project, BYU's Space Cube Project, and Univ of Utah's Mechanical Leech Project). The week was advertised to our membership via email and facebook and a flyer was posted in the Northrop Grumman building (posted under "Related Content").

     AIAA-Utah-E-Week-2013---2Also, we attended the Utah Engineering Council's (UEC) annual banquet to support our nominees for Engineer of the Year, Educator of the Year, and Fresh Face of the Year. Every nominee receives a plaque and even though we came in with three nominees, we left with four plaques! On top of Prof. Jerry Bowman of BYU winning Educator of the Year, Jim Thacher won a Special Service Award for his distinguished service to the UEC over several decades. AIAA-Utah sponsored the costs for our three nominees and their guests as well as discounted the costs for our Council (and guests), our student branch presidents (and guests), our faculty advisors (and guests), and members of the military active and former.

    We also donated funds to the Hill Air Force Base Science Engineering & Technology Management award banquet and I attended as a representative. 

     AIAA-Utah-E-Week-2013---3We also had a speaker a few days before the UEC banquet where we also presented our Section's award to the three aforementioned nominees. We invited the whole Section via email and facebook and had a social dinner meeting with a local materials science expert who spoke about Nanotechnology 101.

    Just before E-week, we announced a few initiatives for AIAA's 50th anniversary. One is a museum display we are coordinating that will feature the local aerospace industry. Another is the availability of an AIAA-Utah polo shirt. More on those another time though.

    And we advertised for other things here and there to support other organizations' E-week activities as well.