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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    California Aerospace Week 2013

    California State Affairs

    California Aerospace Week 2013

    12 March 2013
    Sacramento, California

    California Dreamin': Innovation and Advancements from the California Aerospace Industry

    • Gen. Eugene Tattini, Deputy Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PDF)
    • Dary Pelc, Vice President, Engineering & Technology, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company (PDF)
    • John Daegele, Vice President, Advanced Mission Programs, Northrop Grumman Corporation (PDF)

    Earthquake, Fire, and Water: NASA's Earth Observation at Work in California

    • Pete Worden, Director of NASA Ames (PDF)
    • Vincent Ambrosia, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Ames (PDF)
    • Edwin Sheffner, Deputy Division Chief, Earth Science Division, NASA Ames (PDF)
    • Duane Waliser, Chief Scientist, Earth Science & Technology Division, NASA JPL (PDF)
    • Andrea Donnellan, Geophysicist, NASA JPL (PDF)
    • Solar Impulse Presentation (PDF)




    Video 1: Above & Beyond
    Video 2: Full Force 1280
    Video 3: Curiosity Lands


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