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    Course Outline

    Decision Analysis

    Course Outline

    • Introduction
      • Why do we need a trade study?
      • Systems engineering process overview
      • Role of the trade study and its process
    • Traditional trade study methods
      • How to determine selection criteria
      • Methods (including QFD) for determining weights for selection criteria
      • How to identify and down-select too many alternatives
      • Introduce different scoring methods for selection criteria
      • Score alternatives against selection criteria
      • Calculate ratings for alternatives
      • Perform sensitivity analysis
      • How to write a credible, structured and thorough trade study report
    • Develop decision trees
    • Study trade space for CAIV
    • The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
      • Discuss the process and the difference with Analytic Network Process (ANP)
      • Learn the methodology by following an example
    • Potentially All Pairwise Rankings of All Possible Alternatives (PAPRIKA)
      • Build additive multi-attribute value models with an example
      • Learn how to solve too many pairwise combinations and rankings problems
    • Decision Analysis with Uncertain information/data
      • Maximax method
      • Maximin method
      • Criterion of realism method
      • Equally likely method
      • Minimax regret method
    • Conclusions
      • Risk areas/suggestions/guiding principles