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    Keynote Address: Future of Flight--Technology Vision

     AIAA AVIATION 2013 Keynote Address


    Embracing a World of Change: NASA's Aeronautics Research Strategy



    Charles F. Bolden Jr.
    Administrator, NASA 


    Administrator Bolden laid out NASA's vision and strategy for aeronautics research that responds to global mega-drivers shaping the future of aviation.


    Watch the Video Here




    Or watch it on AIAA's YouTube Channel and leave a comment.


    Major points made during the address:


    • Civil and general aviation account for $1.3 trillion of U.S. economic activity yearly. Air travelers spend $636 billion in the U.S. economy, and aviation creates 10.2 million direct and indirect jobs. Also, air transport moves about $1.5 trillion dollars in freight each year.


    • "We (as a nation) want to be at the bold, anticipatory edge. The U.S. not only needs to innovate to lead, we need to innovate to drive change that helps our economy stay aligned with our values regarding the environment."


    • "These are the key things for the next generation of flight:
      • Safe, efficient growth in operations, including NextGen
      • Innovation in commercial supersonic aircraft, including work on lowering sonic boom impacts
      • Ultra-efficient commercial transports, including pioneering technologies for big leaps in efficiency and lessening environmental impacts
      • Transition to low-carbon propulsion and alternative fuels
      • Real-time, system-wide safety assurance, with emphasis on new integrated
      • Breakthroughs in autonomy with high-impact applications."
    • "We must look at how technologies that are revolutionizing other industries might do the same if applied to aviation:
      • smart materials
      • additive manufacturing
      • 3-D printing
      • information technology
      • embedded micro-or nano-sensors."
    • "People may see the future as astronauts setting foot on new worlds…but the way we travel and get around our home planet is as much a visionary leap into tomorrow as anything."


    • "We are counting on you to help us ask the right questions and help aviation meet the needs of the future. We need your feedback and your comments - your participation!"


    • "Your interaction with us is essential. None of us, as they say, is flying solo here."


    • "All of you here today are creating the world of tomorrow, as fascinating, as groundbreaking and innovative as anything we do in space, and I thank you for your dedication, commitment and innovation as we all embrace the future of flight."