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    Florida Space Day 2013

    Florida Space Day 2013

    AIAA was a proud sponsor and participant in Florida Space Day, which took place 6 March 2013. With over 20 corporate sponsors and dozens of advocates present, the state capitol of Florida in Tallahassee was fully engaged in ideas to expand the space economy in the state. The day was filled with legislative meetings, exhibits, a legislative hearing, a 22nd floor reception over the city, and capped off with a greeting from the crew aboard the International Space Station.



    Astronaut and ross   Bob Crippin Reception   Florida-State-from-the-State-Capitol
    NASA Astronaut roaming around the Capitol posed with AIAA’s Public Policy staffer, Ross B. Garelick Bell   First Pilot of the Space Shuttle Program, Astronaut Robert Crippen (CAPTAIN, USN, RET.) addresses Florida Space Day attendees and Legislators   A view from atop the State Capitol Tower of the campus of Florida State University  
    Florida State Capitol   IMG_0678    
    Historic Florida State Capitol Building   Florida Space Day attendees are briefed on legislative action before the state and how to proceed in meetings    


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