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    Undergraduate Team Engine Design Competition

    Undergraduate Team Engine Design Competition

    Candidate Engines for a Supersonic Business Jet

    The Aerion SBJ is a concept for a supersonic business jet, designed by Aerion Corporation.  When produced, it will allow travel from Europe to North America and back within one business day. The Aerion Supersonic Business Jet will cruise at 1.15 Mach over land without producing a sonic boom on the ground. The plane can also cruise at 0.98 Mach speed, offering a similar cost-per-mile than competing subsonic private jets. Over water, however, 1.5 Mach can easily be maintained. At such a speed, with a range 4,600 miles and burning 45,400 pounds of fuel, the Aerion can cross the Atlantic in two hours using Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219 engines.

    The Aerion SBJ is to be powered by two low bypass ratio Pratt & Whitney JT8D-119 turbofan engines, each with a nominal net thrust of 21,700 lbf (96.53 kN) at sea level take-off. 
    The challenges of successful commercial operation are quite substantial for any gas turbine engine, however, with relatively light weight, low take-off noise, reduced emissions especially at high altitude and affordable fares being paramount.  This Request For Proposal is seeking a new design to indicate future potential in 2025.  Candidate engines should be lighter and have an improved fuel burn in order that the payload and/or operating altitude could be increased and the range extended. 

    A generic model of the current power plant, the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-119 turbofan, is supplied.  Responders should generate a typical, multi-segment, mission that addresses the general improvements listed above specifically and covers design point and off-design engine operations.  The performance and total fuel consumption of the candidate engine should be estimated over the mission and stated clearly in the proposal.  Special attention should be paid to dimensions & integration with the aircraft, engine mass, technical feasibility and operating costs.


    Primary Contact for RFP
    Dr. Ian Halliwell  

    Principal Engineer, PSM-Alstom

    AIAA Air Breathing Propulsion Group and IGTI Aircraft Engines & Education Committees


    This competition is cosponsored with ASME's International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI).



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