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    AIAA in the News-2013

    AIAA in the News


    26 December 2013
    Christy Garvin, 2010 AIAA Educator Award Winner, Wins 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching
    Marietta Daily Journal (12/26/2013) Powder Springs Teacher’s Curiosity Leads to Top Presidential Accolade

    23 December 2013

    AIAA Senior Member Mirza Faizan Profiled
    The Telegraph (12/23/2013) Scientist Zooms into Aeronautics Cradle

    19 December 2013
    AIAA Fellow Dennis A. Muilenburg Named President and Chief Operating Officer of The Boeing Company
    The Chicago Tribune (12/19/2013) Boeing Promotes Defense Chief to Chief Operating Officer

    19 December 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Lt. Gen. Michael Hamel, U.S. Air Force (retired) Made President of Commercial Space Ventures at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (12/19/2013) Lockheed Martin Appoints Lt. Gen. (Ret) Michael A. Hamel as President Of Commercial Ventures

    19 December 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow James Longuski Interviewed in Article on Chinese Space Program's Ambitions Proposed Mars Exploration Program
    Global Times (12/19/2013) Beijing Ready to Launch Mars Mission

    11 December 2013
    Photo of AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Featured in Article on ISS
    Parade Magazine (12/10/2013) International Space Station's 15th Anniversary: 15 Fascinating Facts

    10 December 2013
    AIAA Senior Member Alberto Albertani's Work on Micro-Air Vehicles Profiled
    UAS Vision (12/10/2013) Oregon State University Studies Bat Wings for MAV Design

    5 December 2013
    AIAA to Participate in Florida Space Day
    SpaceRef (12/5/2013) Florida Space Industry to Visit Capitol on March 12

    4 December 2013
    Irmgard Flügge-Lotz, First Woman to be Named AIAA Fellow, Honored as Hero of Engineering
    Stanford News (12/4/2013) Stanford School of Engineering Names New Engineering Heroes

    30 November 2013
    Former AIAA President Alan Mulally Finalist for CEO at Microsoft
    TG Daily (11/30/2013) Microsoft CEO Choice is Down to Two Very Different Candidates

    28 November 2013
    Students at U.C.-San Diego Working on Paper on Fire in Micro-Gravity for Submission to AIAA Student Conference (11/28/2013) NASA And Others Build On Past Microgravity Fire Research

    27 November 2013
    New Energy Conversion Principle Introduced at AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference
    ACN Newswire (11/27/2013) A New Energy Conversion Principle with Potential to Double the Efficiency of Today's Engines

    22 November 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus to Speak at San Diego Wind Tunnel (11/22/2013) AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus to Speak at San Diego Wind Tunnel

    19 November 2013
    AIAA Fellow John Tracy of The Boeing Company, Named to List of the Top 24 Techies of the Silicon Sound
    Seattle (11/19/2013) The Seattle24x7 “TOP 24″ Techies of the Silicon Sound

    18 November 2013
    New AIAA Associate Fellows: Brig. Gen. Timothy Coffin and James Rendleman Profiled
    Vandenberg Air Force Base News (11/18/2013) JFCC SPACE Officials Named Associate Fellows by AIAA

    12 November 2013
    AIAA Fellow Heiner Klinkrad Featured in Story on Satellite Impacting the Atlantic Ocean
    ABC News (11/11/2013) ABC World News - Coverage of Satellite Begins at the 12:28 Mark

    22 October 2013
    Design by AIAA Associate Fellow Bob Parks Nets Red Bull Flutag World Record for Distance Traveled
    San Jose Mercury News (10/22/2013) Mountain View-Based Team Wins National Red Bull Flugtag, Sets New World Record

    22 October 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Shares Her Thoughts on Ongoing Budget Issues on Capitol Hill
    Space News (10/22/2013) Ransoming Our Future

    18 October 2013
    Research Presented at AIAA SPACE 2013 Calls on NASA to Use DoD's Cost Effective Sparing Strategies For Next Generation of Ground Systems (10/18/2013)LMI Researchers to NASA: Apply DoD's Cost-Effective Sparing Strategies to Next Generation of Critical Ground Systems

    18 October 2013
    Retro View on Mars Mission From 1966 AIAA Papers Featured
    Wired (10/18/2013)Mars When? A View from 1966

    16 October 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Hear that China is Main Launch Competitor to the U.S.
    Space News (10/16/2013)China Looms as Main Launch Competition, SpaceX Says

    16 October 2013
    Colorado Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia will Address AIAA Rocky Mountain Section's Annual Technology Symposium
    Colorado Springs Business Journal (10/16/2013)Lt. Gov. Garcia to speak at UCCS

    15 October 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus' Appearance at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Covered on Chinese Television
    China View YouTube (10/15/2013) U.S., Chinese Astronauts Meet in Beijing

    15 October 2013
    AIAA San Francisco Section to Sponsor Space Tech Talks at Commercial Space Enterprise Conference
    Before Its News (10/15/2013) Launching Commercial Space Enterprises Conference This Week

    15 October 2013
    AIAA Fellow Buzz Aldrin and Associate Fellow Jim Maser Discuss Kerolox
    The Space Review (10/15/2013)The Case for Kerolox

    15 October 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Hear Plan to Use Retrofitted ICBMs to Speed Aid to Disaster Areas (10/15/2013)Converted Ballistic Missiles Could Launch Aid to Disaster Zones

    14 October 2013
    Bruce Pittman, Chair of AIAA's Commercial Space Group Discusses Alternate Mars Mission Planning
    NBC News Science (10/14/2013) Spaceflight Experts Work on Alternate Vision for Mars Trips

    8 October 2013
    DARPA Still Pursing X Vehicle as Announced at AIAA SPACE 2013
    The Space Review (10/8/2013) The Return of the X Vehicle

    4 October 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Chats About the Movie Gravity (10/4/2013) Astronaut Sandra H. Magnus Talks Gravity

    30 September 2013
    NASA Asteroid Mission Discussed in Depth at AIAA SPACE 2013 Continues to Make Headlines
    The Huffington Post (09/30/2013) NASA Asteroid Mission May End With Space Rock Being Slammed Into Moon

    30 September 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Told that Space Industry is Entering Era of Budgetary Uncertainty
    Composites World (09/30/2013) Aeronautics Conference Evaluates New Budget and Fiscal Realities

    29 September 2013
    AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Space Design Team Award Winners Profiled
    The Daily Illini (09/29/2013) Satellite Proposal Wins National Aeronautics and Astronautics Competition

    29 September 2013
    AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh's Comments on Automated Commercial Airliners Highlighted
    Kyle Suprenant's Instant Blog (09/29/2013) Setting Our Future to Autopilot

    27 September 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Mangus' Thoughts on Chinese Space Program Highlighted
    China Daily (09/27/2013) US Astronaut Praises China's Space Program

    24 September 2013
    Discussion on Future Developments in Commercial Crew from AIAA SPACE 2013 Highlighted
    The Space Review (09/24/2013) Commercial Crew Prepares for its Next Big Phase

    22 September 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Takes Part in Panel Discussion Marking 50 Years of Women in Space (09/22/2013) Women Astronauts to Gather at 64th IAC in Beijing

    19 September 2013
    AIAA Student Member John W Bennewitz to Deliver Guest Lecture at SpaceX on Applying Band-Limited White Noise to Neutralize Combustion Instabilities
    Newswise (09/19/2013) Space-X Invites UAH Student to Lecture on Combustion Instability Innovation

    18 September 2013
    U.S. Military Space Plane Plans Announced at AIAA SPACE 2013 (09/18/2013) US Military Wants New Experimental Space Plane

    17 September 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Hear that Now is a Critical Time for Commercial Launch Providers
    The Space Review (09/17/2013) A Critical Time for Commercial Launch Providers

    16 September 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Hear Plans for NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission
    The Weather (09/16/2013) NASA Identifies Three Asteroid Targets to Lasso

    14 September 2013
    AIAA SPACE 2013 Attendees Told that DARPA Plans Resealable Launch Vehicle Program
    Space News (09/14/2013) DARPA To Start Reusable Launch Vehicle Program

    12 September 2013
    NASA Officials Talk Asteroid Capture Mission. Watch it Live, Here
    Los Angeles Times (09/12/2013) ...will be live streamed from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' Space Conference and Exposition...

    11 September 2013
    Space Spider Technique for On-Orbit Satellite Construction Unveiled at AIAA SPACE 2013
    Wired (09/11/2013) NASA-Backed Space Spider Concept to Build Giant Satellites in Space

    10 September 2013
    Aviation Germ Fighting Device Debuted at AIAA AVIATION 2013 Profiled
    The Los Angeles Times (09/10/2013) Invention Targets Germs on Planes

    5 September 2013
    Winning Design in AIAA's 2007 Nanosatellite Program’s Nanosat-4 Competition Set to Launch on September 14 (09/05/2014) Cornell University’s Nanosatellite CUSat for GPS Calibration to be Launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base

    4 September 2013
    Vortex "Surfing" Technique to be Discussed at AIAA SciTech Forum in January 2014 (09/04/2013) Scott AFB Scientist Helps Develop 'Vortex Surfing,' a Flight Maneuver That Could Save Millions in Fuel

    1 September 2013
    Work of AIAA Member Steven Barrett Featured in Article on Air Pollution Deaths
    SiliconIndia News (09/01/2013) Air Pollution Causes 200,000 Early Deaths Each Year In U.S.

    27 August 2013
    Made in Space to Release Results of 3D Printing in Parabolic Flight at AIAA SPACE 2013
    Scientific American (08/27/2013) Space Station Astronauts to Test 3-D Printing in Microgravity

    27 August 2013
    AIAA Journal Paper on Wormholes Noted
    Discovery News (08/27/2013)Time Travel? Don't Forget to Pack Your Wormhole!

    20 August 2013
    AIAA Symposium on Civilian Uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Featured in Reason Magazine Documentary on UAVS
    Reason Magazine (08/20/2013) Drone Boom: Why Drones Aren't Just for Dropping Bombs Anymore

    16 August 2013
    AIAA Framework for Cybersecurity Higlights Important to Aviation
    Forbes (08/16/2013) Ten Ways Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense

    13 August 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Dr. Brian Wardle's Work with Carbon Nanotubes Higlighted
    MIT News (8/13/2013) Building Stronger Multifunctional Compososites

    13 August 2013
    AIAA Member B. Bavin Vivek's Paper Presentation at the AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference Highlighted
    The Hindu (08/13/2013) Paper Presented

    10 August 2013
    AIAA Conference Expected to Bring Over $500,000 to Local Economy of Logan Utah (08/10/2013) Small Sattellite Conference Could Pump Over $650K Into Local Economy

    8 August 2013
    Kim Hicks, Young Professional Committee Chair of AIAA's Pacific Northwest Section, Talks with About Being an Aerospace Professional, Part 1 (08/08/2013) Kim Hicks Says I Want to be an Aerospace Engineer

    8 August 2013
    Kim Hicks, Young Professional Committee Chair of AIAA's Pacific Northwest Section, Talks with About Being an Aerospace Professional, Part 2 (08/08/2013) Kim Hicks Says I Want to be an Aerospace Engineer

    2 August 2013
    AIAA President Elect Jim Albaugh Interviewed About Need for Coordinated Cybersecurity Strategy in Aviation
    FlightGlobal (08/02/2013) Aviation Group Calls for Coordinated Cyber Security

    1 August 2013
    John Rose, AIAA Deputy Director of Public Policy for Region 6, Quoted in Defense News Story on Unmanned Arial Systems
    Defense News (08/01/2013) As Uses for Drones Expand, So Does the Industry

    26 July 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus to Speak at International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight Speakers (07/26/2013) AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus to Speak at International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight

    22 July 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Eric Davis Discusses UFO Phenomenon
    Before Its News (07/22/2013) Eric Davis, Physicist, Explains Why Scientists Won't Discuss Their UFO Interests

    11 July 2013
    AIAA Recommended to Journalists Needing Help with Stories on UAVs
    Reynolds Center Business (07/10/2013) Find Local Ties to the Soaring Commercial Drone Market

    11 July 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Paul Kostek Discusses Doing Business in Space with Business Dailey
    Business Daily (07/10/2013) Doing Business in Space

    5 July 2013
    AIAA Members Featured in PBS Story on Russian Rocket Malfunction
    PBS NewsHour (07/3/2013) Russian Rocket Explosion Releases Toxic Fuel Cloud

    3 July 2013
    Delta Airlines to Refurbish its Original Hangers, Designated an AIAA Historic Aerospace Site, as Delta Flight Museum
    EGlobal Travel (07/03/2013) Delta to Begin Renovations on Delta Flight Museum, Set to Open in 2014

    28 June 2013
    AIAA Senior Member Dr. Eric P. Farenthold's Research on Space Junk Featured in Media
    Science2.0 (06/28/2013) What's Waiting Out There 10 Times Faster Than a Speeding Bullet? Space Junk

    25 June 2013
    Eric Davis' Work on Warp Drive Theory Discussed
    TechNews Daily (06/25/2013) Why Warp Drives Just Aren't Science Fiction

    25 June 2013
    AIAA Student Branch at Washington State University Profiled For Its Members' Work on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (06/25/2013) WSU Engineers Are Developing Unmanned Airplanes

    20 June 2013
    AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh Selected to Receive Wing Club's 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award (06/20/2013) The Wings Club Selects Jim Albaugh As its 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient

    20 June 2013
    AIAA Fellow and SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell Delivers TEDx Talk on Engineering America
    New Space Watch (06/20/2013) Engineering America: Gwynne Shotwell at TEXxChapmanU

    18 June 2013
    Sandy Magnus Discusses the Need to Reform Government Travel Regulations Related to Conference Attendance (06/18/2013) Why Conferences Matter for Govies

    11 June 2013
    AIAA Endorsed as Honest Broker for Discussions About Improving the U.S. Space Program
    Space News (06/11/2013) Making Lemonade out of Lemons

    10 June 2013
    AIAA President-Elect Jim Albaugh Named to Board of Directors of American Airlines Group, Inc.
    PR (06/10/2013) AMR Corporation and US Airways Announce Board of Directors for the New American Airlines

    6 June 2013
    Tom Crouch, Vice Chair of AIAA History Technical Committee States "You Don't Legislate History, History is a Process" In Response to First Flight Controversy
    Fox (06/06/2013) Connecticut Senate Passes Bill Writing Wright Brothers Out of History

    31 May 2013
    AIAA Sponsored CanSat Competition Featured in Leading Indian Newspaper
    The New Indian Express (05/31/2013) Finding Their Places Beyond the Sky

    31 May 2013
    John Rose, AIAA Deputy Director of Public Policy For Region 6, Interviewed in Article on Drone Standards
    InsideDefense (05/31/2013) German Euro Hawk Decisions Could Set Tone for Continent's UAS Plans

    29 May 2013
    AIAA Foundation Scholarships Featured in Student Financial Aid Guide (05/29/2013) The Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid

    23 May 2013
    AIAA Senior Member Mark Millis Issues Editorial on the Future of Space Transportation (05/23/2013) Warp Drive and 'Star Trek:' Physics of Future Space Travel

    22 May 2013
    AIAA and ATK Sponsor Delaware Rocket Day for Military Families (05/22/2013) AIAA and ATK Sponsor Delaware Rocket Day for Military Families

    22 May 2013
    AIAA Senior Member Dr. Paul Spudis Tetsifies Before Congress on Mars Exploration
    SpaceRef (05/22/2013) Statement of Paul Spudis: Hearing on Next Steps in Human Exploration to Mars and Beyond

    21 May 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Alongside Other Astronauts at Sally Ride Tribute
    Associated Press (05/21/2013) The Big Story

    21 May 2013
    AIAA Support of University Nanosat Program Mentioned in Article
    Aerotech News (05/21/2013) AFRL Gains National Recognition for STEM Outreach

    15 May 2013
    Russian Satellite Developed With Use of AIAA Standards
    Space Daily (05/15/2013) Plug-And-Play Technology for Micro-Satellites Has Been Experimentally Confirmed

    10 May 2013
    AIAA Fellow Buzz Aldrin Opines on Future Space Exploration Goals for the United States
    National Geographic Daily News (05/10/2013) Forget the Moon. Let's Go to Mars

    10 May 2013
    AIAA Member's Aircraft Design Highlighted
    BetaD News (05/10/2013) Skip the Airport with a Family Flier

    10 May 2013
    AIAA Congressional Visits Day Featured in Article
    The Commercial Appeal (05/10/2013) U of M Mechanical Engineering Student Takes Part in Congressional Visits Day

    6 May 2013
    Advanced Aerospace Technology and Private Space Exploration Developments Discussed at AIAA Southern California Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference
    Before Its News (05/06/2013) Private Space is Winning

    30 April 2013
    AIAA Members William M. Marshall, NASA Glenn Research Center and Mary P. Cerimele, NASA Johnson Space Center, Receive 2013 Rotary National Awards For Space Achievement
    RNASA (04/30/2013) 2013 RNASA Stellar Award Winners Announced

    29 April 2013
    University of Alabama AIAA Award Winning Hovercraft to Battle Auburn University's Hovercraft in Iron Bowl of Hovercrafts (04/29/2013) Auburn, Alabama Engineering Students Set to Battle Saturday in First Iron Bowl of Hovercrafts

    22 April 2013
    AIAA Honorary Fellow Clay Jones to Step Down as Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Collins
    Avionics Intelligence (04/22/2013) Rockwell Colins' Clay Jones to Retire on 31 July; Ortberg to be Named CEO

    16 April 2013
    Solar Power for Natural Gas Plants, First Discussed at the 9th International Energy Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Gains Ground
    Innovations Report (04/16/2013) A Solar Booster Shot For Natural Gas Power Plants

    15 April 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Katepalli Sreenivasan Appointed President of the Polytechnic Institute of New York University
    NYU-Poly (04/15/2013) Katepalli Sreenivasan Appointed President of NYU-Poly

    1 April 2013
    AIAA Symposium Spotlights Economic Potential of UAV Industry
    Mother Jones (04/01/2013) Government Pain = Drone Maker's Gain

    1 April 2013
    AIAA Symposium on Future of Commercial UAV Use Spotlights Future of UAV Industry
    sUAS News (04/01/2013) Industry Watchers Ponder Future of Drones at Local Conference

    29 March 2013
    AIAA Symposium Highlights Benefits of UAVs to California
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal (03/29/2013) Expanded Use of Drones Can Benefit California

    29 March 2013
    AIAA Civilian Uses of UAV Symposium Sponsors Tour of Point Mugu Naval Base
    Ventura County Star (03/29/2013) Naval Base Ventura County Sees Itself as a Hub of Unmanned Systems

    29 March 2013
    AIAA Region 6 Deputy Public Policy Director John Rose Featured in National Public Radio Interview on Future of Drones in Southern California
    KPCC FM (03/29/2013) California Airports Compete for Contract to Test Drones for Civilian Use

    28 March 2013
    Audience at AIAA UAV Symposium Hears that Drones Will Benefit California's Economy
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal (03/28/2013) Expaneded Use of Drones Can Benefit California

    28 March 2013
    Audience at AIAA UAV Symposium Hears that Drones to Become Part of Daily Life
    Ventura County Star (3/27/2013) Drones Likely Will Become Part of Daily Life, Experts Say

    26 March 2013
    AIAA Civilian Uses of UAV Symposium Featured in Article
    Ventura County Star (3/26/2013) Industry Watchers Ponder Future of Drones at Local Conference

    26 March 2013
    AIAA Region 6 Deputy Public Policy Director John Rose Featured in Article on UAV's
    ABC (3/26/2013) States Answer Help Wanted Ad to Be Drone Test Site

    25 March 2013
    AIAA Publishes New Article on Space Junk Removal
    Science Newsline, Space and Planetary (03/25/2013) Removing Orbital Debris with Less Risk

    25 March 2013
    AIAA Deputy Director of Public Policy for Region 6, John Rose, Interviewed in Story on Economic Impact of Drones on Ventura County, California
    Ventura County Star (03/25/2013) Ventura County Seeks an Economic Lift from Unmanned Aircraft

    7 March 2013
    AIAA Takes Part in Florida Aerospace Day
    WCTV.TV (03/7/2013) Florida Space Day: Aerospace Representatives Visit Capitol

    7 March 2013
    AIAA Associate Fellow Bong Wie Discusses the Protection of Earth from Collisions with Asteroids
    Nano Werk (03/07/2013) Engineers Developing New Ideas to Save Earth from Asteroids

    6 March 2013
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Warns of Dangers of Limiting Government Employees' Attendance at Scientific and Technical Conferences
    Aviation Week & Space Technology (03/6/2013) How to Stifle Innovation

    4 March 2013
    NASA ACCESS Flight Program, Introduced at AIAA's 2013 Aerospace Sciences Meeting Begins Testing
    Green Car Congress (03/4/2013) NASA Begins ACCESS Flight Research to Study Effects of Biojet Fuels on Engine Performance, Emissions and Contrails

    4 March 2013
    AIAA Fellow Michael Bragg Named Dean of University of Washington's School of Engineering
    The Seattle Times (3/4/2013) UW Picks New Engineering Dean

    1 March 2013
    AIAA Oregon State University Student Section Hosts Talk on Hardships of Manned Mars Mission
    Corvallis Gazette Times (3/1/2013) Astronaut to Discuss Manned Flight Challenge

    25 February 2013
    AIAA Delaware Section and ATK Host Introduce a Girl to Engineering Event
    Delaware Online (2/25/2013) Eight-Graders STEM Lessons Roar to Life

    14 February 2013
    AIAA President Mike Griffin Discusses Commercial Space Markets at AIAA Civil Space Symposium
    AL.Com (2/14/2013) Former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin Throws Cold Water on Commercial Space Market, Then Offers Solutions

    14 February 2013
    AIAA Civil Space Symposium Told War Between Old Space and New Space is Over
    AL.Com (2/14/2013) Space Companies Say War Between Old Space and New Space Is Over

    8 February 2013
    AIAA To Particpate in Florida Space Day 2013 (2/8/2013) Florida Space Industry to Visit Capitol

    31 January 2013
    AIAA Tennessee Section Taking Part in National Engineers Week Event
    Tullahoma News (1/31/2013) Local Groups to Host Host National Engineers Weeks Events

    30 January 2013
    AIAA Fellow and Retired Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar Selected to Lead New University of Houston STEM Education Center (1/30/2013) Retired NASA Astronaut, Engineer Bonnie Dunbar to Lead New UH STEM Center

    29 January 2013
    Keynote Speakers Announced for AIAA Civil Space Symposium (1/29/2013) AIAA Civil Space 2013 Symposium Huntsville: Keynote Speakers Announced

    22 January 2013
    AIAA Award Winning Paper on Hypersonics Credited for Setting Stage for Future Hypersonic Program Test Capability
    AEROTECH News (1/13/2013) AEDC Engineer's AIAA Award Winning Technical Paper Sets Stage for Future Hypersonic Program Test Capability

    11 January 2013
    General William Neil McCasland's Presentation at AIAA New Horizons Forum Highlighted
    Hewlett Packard Blogs (1/11/2013) Who is Required for Effective Knowledge Sharing and Other Lessons Learned

    10 January 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra H. Magnus Featured in WoW Blog
    WoW Blog (1/10/2013) Sandra Hall Magnus: AIAA Leader and Former Astronaut

    18 December 2012
    8 AIAA Members Appointed to National Research Council's Committee on Human Spaceflight's Technical Feasibility Panel to Help Evaluate Future of American Space Program
    Parabolic Arc (12/17/2012) NRC Names Spaceflight Technical Feasbility panel

    14 December 2012
    AIAA Member Professor Hu Hui's Research on Insect Flight Dynamics Featured (12/14/2012) Engineer Looks to Dragonflies, Bats for Flight Lessons

    13 December 2012
    AIAA to Help Organize International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (12/13/202) RAeS Welcomes the IFASD Scientific Committee to the Home of Aerospace

    12 December 2012
    AIAA's Skye Bleu, International Aviation Ambassador, Visits Detroit Metro Airport
    EVA International Media (12/12/2012) International Aviation Ambassador Visits Detroit Metro Airport

    10 December 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra H. Magnus Featured in STS-135 "Space Shuttle Atlantis" Retrospective
    Air & Space (12/10/2012) The Last Shuttle Flight

    7 December 2012
    Plans for New Commercial Space Venture to be Featured in AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets
    Forbes (12/7/2012) Plans For New Commercial Space Venture to be Featured in AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets

    6 December 2012
    AIAA's Greater Huntsville Section to Host Civil Space Symposium (12/6/2012) Civil Space Symposium

    6 December 2012
    AIAA Named One of Top Workplaces for Commuters in Fairfax County (12/6/2012) Fairfax County Names Best Workplaces for Commuters

    4 December 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra H. Magnus Profiled in SpaceNews
    SpaceNews (12/4/2012) Sandy Magnus, Executive Director, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    3 December 2012
    AIAA Student Branch in Pakistan Hosts International Student Conference (12/3/2012) International Student Competition

    28 November 2012
    Conversation about Reusable Launch Vehicles, Started at AIAA SPACE 2012, Still Going Strong
    >The Space Review (11/28/2012) What is the Future of the RLV?

    13 November 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Featured in Congressional Quarterly Weekly
    CQ Weekly (11/12/2012) Associations: Sandra H. Magnus

    12 November 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus Featured in Story on NASA Astronaut Corps (11/12/2012)Astronaut Corps Smaller but Recruits Wait in Wings

    7 November 2012
    AIAA Fellow John Logsdon Interviewed in Story on Possible Return to the Moon by NASA
    NBC (11/7/2012) NASA May Soon Unveil New Manned Moon Missions

    6 November 2012
    AIAA Fellow Bernard Koff Named Winner of SAE 2012 Cliff Garrett Award
    Rock Hill Herald Online (11/6/2012) Bernard Koff Named Winner of SAE 2012 Cliff Garrett Award

    5 November 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Sandra Magnus Speaks at Space Shuttle Atlantis Retirement Ceremony
    CBS News (11/5/2012) Space Shuttle Atlantis Rolls to Retirement

    5 November 2012
    AIAA Associate Fellow George Whitesides Among Speakers at Arizona State University's Space Exploration Symposium
    National Space Society of Phoenix News  (11/4/2012) Arizona State Space Exploration Symposium - A Review

    2 November 2012
    AIAA Members Gwynne Shotwell, Susan Anderson, Shella Condino, and Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, Four of the Nine Women Honored by Women in Aerospace for Outstanding Contributions to Aerospace
    WIA News (11/2/2012) Women in Aerospace Honors Nine Exceptional Women With its 2012 Awards

    2 November 2012
    AIAA Student Branch at the University of Kansas Working to Promote SpaceUp Kansas
    University of Kansas News (11/2/2012) SpaceUp Kansas Set for April 29th

    1 November 2012
    Honda Aircraft Company Begins Production of AIAA Award Winning Business Jet
    3D Car Shows: Motor and Automotive News (11/1/2012) Honday Aircraft Company Begins Production of Honda Jet

    29 October 2012
    Hosted Payload Discussion, Begun at AIAA SPACE 2012, Continuing
    The Space Review (10/29/2012) An Opening Door on Hosted Payloads

    28 October 2012
    AIAA Reaching Out to Help Young Professionals with Career Guidance
    Herald.Net (10/28/12) High Hopes: Get Guidance from Aerospace Pros on November 3rd

    26 October 2012
    Oregon State University AIAA Student Branch Profiled
    The Daily Barometer (10/26/2012)5..4...3...2..1..Liftoff Aerospace Club

    26 October 2012
    Compact MRI Scanner for ISS Discussed at AIAA Space 2012 (10/26/2012) Compact Whole Body MRI Scanner Under Consideration for ISS

    23 October 2012
    AIAA Supports S.3211, The Safeguarding United States Satellite Security Act of 2012
    Space (10/23/2012) Support Builds for Bennet's Satellite Export Control Bill

    23 October 2012
    AIAA Associate Fellow Farhan Gandhi Joins Faculty at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
    News Blaze (10/23/2012) Rotorcraft Expert Farhan Gandhi Joins Rensselaer as Redfern Professor of Engineering

    22 October 2012
    AIAA Fellow Richard Hallion Lectures on Hypseronic Flight
    Langley Research Center Researcher News (10/22/2012) Hallion: Hypersonic Future Not Wishful Thinking

    19 October 2012
    Former AIAA Executive Director Bob Dickman Tells Audience that Commerical Space Success Will Fuel Public Interest in Government Space Programs
    Las Cruces Bulletin (10/19/2012) Is Space Tourism the Right Stuff? Private Space Ventures May Rekindle Public Excitement

    18 October 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Bob Dickman Tells Audience That Making Suborbital Flight Safe and Routine is Key to Generating Public Interest in Bold Space Exploration
    Albuquerque Journal On-Line (10/18/2012) Report: Demand Big for Suborbital Space Travel

    17 October 2012
    AIAA Executive Director Bob Dickman Backs NASA's Plan to "Seed" Commercial Space Ventures
    Space News (10/17/2012) Garver: Fomenting Commercial Spaceflight Industry is a Top NASA Priority

    16 October 2012
    AIAA SPACE 2012 Space Entreprenuers Panel Video Featured on (10/16/2012) AIAA SPACE 2012 Space Entrepreneurs Panel

    15 October 2012
    Benjamin Parks, AIAA Student Member, Profiled
    Pioneer Local (10/15/2012) Space is the Place for Oak Park-River Forest Grad

    14 October 2012
    AIAA's Bob Dickman and Klaus Dannenberg to Speak at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight
    Las Cruces Sun-News (10/14/2012) Space Flight Leaders Gather in Las Cruces for Symposium

    12 October 2012
    AIAA Deputy Executive Director Klaus Dannenberg Featured in Story on Wright State University Aerospace Professional Development Center
    Springfield News-Sun (10/12/2012) Initiative to Help Solve Unfilled Jobs In Aerospace Industry

    1 October 2012
    Debate Over Feasibility of Lunar Based Supercomputer, First Discussed at AIAA SPACE 2012, Continues
    Data Center Knowledge (10/01/2012) Could a Lunar Supercomputer Work?

    26 September 2012
    U.S. Military's Desire for Space Planes and Reusable Rockets Discussed at AIAA SPACE 2012
    Tech News Daily (09/26/2012) US Military Wants Space Planes, Reusable Rockets.

    24 September 2012
    AIAA SPACE 2012 Highlights Composite Materials in Spacecraft
    Composites World (09/24/2012) Aeronautics Conference Highlights Composites in Spacecraft.

    21 September 2012
    Compact MRI Technology for International Space Station Introduced at AIAA SPACE 2012
    Yahoo News (09/21/2012) New, Compact Body Scanner Ready for Space Station.

    21 September 2012
    Steve Howell, AIAA's Director of Public Policy, Featured in Article on Sequestration's Possible Effects on the Space Industry
    Florida Today (09/21/12) Contractors on the Brink.

    19 September 2012
    Proposal to Build Supercomputer and Relay Stations on the Moon Introduced at AIAA SPACE 2012
    Gizmodo Australia (09/19/2012) Let's Build a Supercomputer on the Moon.

    17 September 2012
    NASA Calls for Ceasefire in Human-Robot Space Budget Wars at AIAA SPACE 2012
    Yahoo News (09/17/2012) NASA Calls for Ceasefire in Human-Robot Space Budget Wars.

    13 September 2012
    Lunar Mining Plans Pitched to 'Invisible' President Obama and Mitt Romney at AIAA SPACE 2012
    Fox News (09/13/2012) 'Eastwooding' Space Miners Pitch Ideas to 'Invisible' Obama, Romney.

    12 September 2012
    Future of U.S. Space Flight Amid Budget Cuts Discussed at AIAA SPACE 2012 (09/12/2012) Can U.S. Spaceflight Innovation Survive Deep Budget Cuts?.

    11 September 2012
    NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver Addresses AIAA SPACE 2012 Conference
    SpaceRef (09/11/2012) Prepared Remarks by NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, AIAA SPACE 2012.

    23 August 2012
    Smallsats Shown at the AIAA/Utah State University Small Satellites Conference Promise to Create Government Jobs
    Aviation Week &Space Technology (08/23/2012) Smallsats Gaining Capabilities for Government Jobs.

    17 August 2012
    New Microthruster System Debuted at Joint Propulsion Conference
    MITnews (08/17/2012) MIT-Developed Microthusters Could Propel Small Satellites.

    14 August 2012
    Dora Musielak, Vice Chair of AIAA's High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Technical Committee, Interviewed in L.A. Times Article on X-51A Waverider
    The Los Angelese Times (08/14/2012) Key Test Set for Sustained Hypersonic Flight.

    14 August 2012
    AIAA Past President Mark Lewis Interviewed by U.S. News and World Report on Air Force's X-51A Waverider
    U.S. News and World Report (08/14/2012) Air Force's Waverider Could Cross Atlantic in an Hour.

    13 August 2012
    AIAA Educator Associate Dr. Ralph K. Coppola Wins 2012 Crown Circle Award for Creating the Real World Design Challenge
    AVED Journal (08/13/2012) Dr. Ralph Coppola Wins 2012 Crown Circle Award.

    13 August 2012
    AIAA Fellow Dr. Kathryn Sullivan Receives President George H. W. Bush Award from the Challenger Center for Space Science Education (08/13/2012) Challenger Center Recognizes Kathryn Sullivan With President George H. W. Bush Award During Annual Conference.

    7 August 2012
    AIAA Senior Member Fernando Abilleira Helped Build Curiosity Rover
    NBCLatino (08/07/2012) An Aeronautical Engineer Sees His Dreams Take Flight With Mars Landing.

    6 August 2012
    U.S. Air Force Announces Upcoming X-51A Test at Joint Propulsion Conference
    Aviation Week & Space Technology (08/06/2012) Third X-51A Hypersonic Test Targeted for Mid-August.

    4 August 2012
    AIAA Senior Member Rob Manning Chief Engineer on Curiosity Rover
    The Los Angeles Times (08/04/2012) Mars Engineer Did His Best to Trip Up Curiosity Rover.

    3 August 2012
    AIAA Senior Member Keith Comeaux's Work on Curiosity Rover Profiled
    The Advocate> (08/03/2012) BR Native Involved in Rover Landing.

    31 July 2012
    Ad Astra to Premier Advanced Engine Technology at Joint Propulsion Conference
    Aviation Week (07/31/2012) Ad Astra Reaches Plasma Propulsion Milestones.

    27 July 2012
    AIAA Student Members Lead Labs at Future Engineers Camp (07/27/2012) Camp Explores Technology.

    26 July 2012
    AIAA Senior Member Christopher A. Mattson Receives a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
    The White House, Office of the Press Secretary (07/26/2012) President Obama Honors Outstanding Early-Career Scientists.

    11 July 2012
    AIAA Fellow Wanda Austin Profiled
    The Inland Valley News (07/11/2012) How a Leading African American-Woman, President & CEO Shattered the Glass Ceiling.

    28 June 2012
    Obituary of Past President Daniel J. Fink
    The Washington Post (06/28/2012) Daniel J. Fink, Aeronautics Consultant.

    27 June 2012
    AIAA Honorary Fellow John Junkins Named Head of Texas Insitute of Advanced Study (06/27/2012) Texas A&M Professor John Junkins Named Director of Superstar Institute.

    27 June 2012
    AIAA Fellow Nadine Aubrey Appointed as Dean of the College of Engineering at Northeastern University
    news@Northeastern (06/27/2012) Nadine Aubrey Appointed as Dean of the College of Engineering.

    26 June 2012
    AIAA Honorary Fellow Robert Liebeck Profiled (06/26/2012) No More Flight of Fancy: Engineering Professor Working on Experimental Plane that Could Transform Air Travel.

    26 June 2012
    AIAA SPACE 2011 Conference Mentioned as Unveiling Site of X-37B Derivatives Plans (06/26/2012) Secretive Air Force Space Plane's Purpose Questioned.

    25 June 2012
    AIAA SpaceOps Conference Covered in Flight Global Magazine
    Flight Global (06/21/12) SLS Pad May Be Made Reconfigurable For Other Launch Vehicles.

    24 June 2012
    Baltimore Sun Features AIAA Senior Member Ajay Kothari's Op-Ed on Benefits of Commercial Space
    The Baltimore Sun (06/24/12) Opening up Space.

    14 June 2012
    Former AIAA President Roger Simpson Granted "Professor Emeritus" Status at Virginia Tech
    Virginia Tech News (06/14/12) Roger Simpson Honored with Emeritus Stats.

    14 June 2014
    GLEX Conferenced Discussion on Asteroid Mining Featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine
    Popular Mechanics (06/14/12) Tapping the Riches of Space.

    12 June 2012
    GLEX Conference Featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine
    Popular Mechanics (06/12/12) An Astronaut's Thoughts on SpaceX Dragon Success.

    11 June 2012
    Former AIAA President Norman Augustine to Recieve American Patriot of Character Award
    Wall Street Journal Market Watch (06/11/2012) Norman Augustine to Recieve American Patriot of Character Award.

    4 June 2012
    GLEX Focuses Attention on Asteroid and Lunar Exploration
    Space Review (06/04/2012) Human Space Exploration: Asteroids Verses the Moon.

    3 June 2012
    Article on BYU's AIAA Chapter
    The Daily Herald (06/03/2012) BYU Student Builds Skills, Finds Love in Aeronautics Club.

    18 May 2012
    Aerospace America Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on Military Drones
    Wall Street Journal (05/18/2012) Could We Trust Killer Robots?.

    18 May 2012
    Former AIAA President Mark Lewis Outlines the Future of Air Space Travel
    Space Daily (05/18/2012) World Expert Outlines The Future of Air Space Travel.

    14 May 2012
    AIAA Comments on New Federal Limits on Travel, Meetings
    The Washington Post (05/15/2012) New Federal Limits on Travel and Meetings.

    4 May 2012
    AIAA Associate Fellow Franklin Chang Diaz to be Enshrined in U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
    Inside Cost Rica (05/04/2012) U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Wlecomes Costa Rica's Franklin Chang Diaz.

    2 May 2012
    AIAA Members to Present at Math Camp Aimed at Female Empowerment in STEM
    Dothan Eagle (05/02/2012) A Troy University summer camp will help girls negotiate obstacles in real world to female achievement in math and science careers.

    24 April 2012
    Tech Students Participate in Space Shuttle Unveiling
    Virginia Tech University (04/24/2012) Bill Readdy, two-time pilot of the space shuttle Discovery, believes there is a bright future for current students of engineering.

    17 April 2012
    Engineers Compete at AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition
    Notre Dame University (04/17/2012) Fifteen areospace engeering students traveled to Wichita, Kan., this weekend to test a remove-controlled model airplane they designed in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Design/Build/Fly Competition.