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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Young Professional Membership

    Instant Advantages for Young Professionals

    As a young professional, you have access to all the benefits offered to the over-35 crowd – and more!

    Young Professional Liaison to the Board 

    The 2015-2017 Young Professional Liaison to the Board is Tim Hinerman.

    Young Professional Newsletter

    The Young Professional Newsletter addresses topics that are of specific interest to younger professionals. There is information on career development, social media, upcoming conferences and events, young member profiles, and more.

    Read what the young professionals are talking about here.

    Young Professional Guide for Gaining Management Support

    Justify support and financial backing from your company to participate in AIAA's Technical Committees, conferences, and professional development activities.
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    Associate Technical Committee Membership

    Qualified young professionals (sponsored by their companies) may participate as Associate Members on one of AIAA's many Technical Committees. As an Associate Member, you'll work with the very best in the industry. Technical Committee membership is one of the best ways to meet new faces, network with colleagues, forge professional relationships, and access the very latest technical knowledge.
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    Standing Committee Membership

    Qualified young professionals (sponsored by their companies) may participate as a member on one the Institute's Standing Committees. AIAA's Standing Committees help the Institute achieve its multi-faceted mission and guide its course into the future. Serving a variety of objectives, the Standing Committees support our members' needs … recognize their achievements … organize career-enhancing activities … give them a voice in public policy … foster productive interactions with their peers … and help them advance technically and professionally.
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    Young Professional Networking Events

    The Young Professional Committee hosts several networking events at AIAA conferences throughout the year. These receptions are often attended by key AIAA leadership and industry professionals, providing young professionals with valuable networking opportunities. Receptions are also a great time to network with your peers and find out what other young professionals are up to!  Click here to view upcoming young professional events.

    Young Professional of the Year Award

    Each year, AIAA presents the prestigious Lawrence Sperry Award to a young professional member for notable achievement in the advancement of aeronautics and astronautics. Many of the biggest names in the industry started out as AIAA young professionals.  As a Lawrence Sperry Award winner, you could add your name to one of the most elite groups in aerospace:

    • 1937: Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson, recognized for important improvements of aeronautical design of high-speed commercial aircraft for developing the Fowler flap on the Lockheed Model 14.
    • 1972: Sheila E. Widnall, recognized for aerodynamic research, later became Secretary of the Air Force and President of AIAA.
    • 1980: William F. Ballhous Jr., recognized for significant contributions to Computational Fluid Dynamics as Director of Astronautics at NASA Ames Research Center.
    • 1984: Sally Ride, recognized for being the first U.S. woman in space at age 32.
    • 1990: Ilan M. Kroo, recognized for outstanding research in aerodynamics and multidisciplinary design optimization.
    • 1998: Iain Boyd, recognized for developing numerical techniques for predicting non-equilibrium gas flows and their application to aerospace systems.
    • 1999: Robert Braun, recognized for contributions enabling the descent and landing of the Mars Pathfinder.
    • 2008: Ryan Starkey, recognized for outstanding contributions in multidisciplinary hypersonic vehicle design and propulsion/airframe integration/optimization for both access to space and hypersonic cruise vehicles, and computational chemistry for combustion and plasma analysis.
    • 2011: M. Brett McMickell, recognized for proven leadership in the area of small satellite technology with focus on the advancement of momentum and structural control systems.

    To obtain a nomination form, or submit an online nomination, visit

    Aerospace Career Handbook

    This timely handbook offers great advice for young professionals. And it's written by people who've been where you are now. You'll read about the different industry sectors in aerospace and the types of jobs available to you. Plus, you'll discover what young professionals can expect as they embark on their careers. Published by the AIAA Young Professional Committee, you can download Aerospace Career Handbook (PDF) here.