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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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The White House
Capitol Hill, the National Mall, and the Washington Monument
Congressional Visits Day 2013 - Team Florida
Florida State Capitol Building
Congressional Visits Day 2013 - Team Maryland

Issues & Advocacy

AIAA leads the way on issue advocacy that impacts the Aerospace sector.  In 2013, AIAA led a coalition of organizations that sought exemptions for scientist and researchers from new federal travel and conference expense policies, to allow them continued access to technical conferences and meetings as an opportunity to sustain the open exchange of ideas and research that allows advancment in research and development.  In areas from cybersecurity to developing a new national space technology vision, AIAA continues its thought leadership in public policy.

Upcoming Advocacy Events


Marriott Waikoloa
South Kohala - Island of Hawaii
9-13 November 2014

Early Bird Deadline Ended 10 October 2014.

The State of Hawaii will be hosting a multinational conference on the Big Island of Hawaii to explore options for developing sustainable pathways to space, with an emphasis on leveraging our Moon’s strategic assets (e.g., near-Earth location, diverse regolith, orbital periodicity, gravitational field) in ways that can minimize the risks of space exploration/development/utilization while maximizing returns on investment. The primary goal will be to characterize and detail cost-effective strategies that can accelerate the maturation of revolutionary technologies to both extend humanity’s reach through the solar system (to asteroids, Mars and its moons, and beyond) and enhance the qualities of life on our home planet.

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Explore Today's Top Aerospace Issues

AIAA takes you to the center of public policy developments now shaping the future of aerospace. Check here for the latest policy news and information. Plus AIAA events and initiatives that keep America's leaders informed about our industry's positions on the issues - and the public aware of the continuing benefits that aerospace brings to the country and the world.

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  • Develop authoritative postion papers on important policy issues.
  • Conduct workshops that present their findings to key public opinion leaders.
  • Provide timely information in response to breaking events and initiatives.
  • Coordinate expert testimony and information presented to Congress.
  • Foster relationships with the media and the public to give them a better understanding of how aerospace programs benefit the nation's economy, security, and technological growth.

Since 1972, AIAA has contributed extensive technical expertise and policy guidance to Congress and the Executive Branch. We testify before the House and Senate on the full spectrum of aerospace issues. Now we're bringing the specialized knowledge of AIAA's members to bear on current national issues - by enlisting the expanded participation of our 66 sections and 65 technical committees in AIAA's public policy activities.