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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Course Outline

    Fundamentals of Aircraft Performance and Design

    Course Outline

    I. Introduction and Background
    A. Aircraft flight behavior
    B. The atmosphere
    C. Aerodynamic forces
    D. The propulsion subsystem
    E. Weight fractions

    II. Level Flight in the Vertical Plane: Turbojets
    A. Governing equations
    B. Level flight and ceiling conditions
    C. Best (maximum) range
    D. Cruise-climb and stepped-altitude flight
    E. Best range with a specified airspeed
    F. Maximum endurance

    III. Other Flight in the Vertical Plane: Turbojets
    A. Takeoff and landing
    B. Climbing flight
    C. Steepest climb
    D. Fastest climb
    E. Most economical climb
    F. Unpowered (gliding) flight

    IV. Turning Flight: Turbojets
    A. Turning flight in general
    B. Maximum load factor and bank angle
    C. Fastest turn
    D. Tightest turn

    V. Level Flight in the Vertical Plane: Piston-Props
    A. Governing equations
    B. Level-flight and ceiling conditions
    C. Best range

    VI. Maximum Endurance
    A. Other flight: piston-props
    B. Takeoff and landing
    C. Climbing flight
    D. Turning flight

    VII. Turbofans, and Other Things
    A. Reprise of turbojets and piston-props
    B. Turboprops
    C. Turbofans
    D. Mach number representation
    E. Flight and maneuvering envelopes
    F. Effects of wind on performance