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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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    Our Vision, Core Values, and Credo

    Our Vision

    AIAA's vision is to be the voice of the aerospace profession through innovation, technical excellence, and global leadership

    Our Core Values

    Our core values provide a common foundation throughout the AIAA community as we execute our mission and pursue our vision. These values, inherent throughout our professional activities, are presented below. Their reflection in our products and services is the constant goal of the AIAA staff in serving our members.

    We expect nothing less than perfection in all we do. The critical consequences of our work and the impact to society at large drive our passion for overcoming risk.

    We bring together a diverse community to collaborate and share information and insights among pioneers, practitioners, future generations, staff and partners to enable personal, professional, and business growth.

    We lead the global aerospace community into the future with visionary inspiration and the talent of our membership.

    Our profession requires lifelong learning, and knowledge that is wide and deep. We must inspire future generations to continue the quest for broad and profound understanding.

    We conduct all activities honestly, truthfully, and ethically. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

    Our Credo

    Our new credo is a rallying cry for our profession – and a reminder that our work is ultimately about the collective human impulse to explore, to invent, and to come together around our discoveries.


    As aerospace professionals, we have devoted our lives to understanding what many people believe is unknowable. We pursue the undiscoverable. We work in the uninhabitable. We ponder the indecipherable. Dream the impossible. Chase the unattainable.

    And in the end, we routinely accomplish the unimaginable. We unravel the mysteries of flight and space, constantly finding new ways of showing gravity who’s boss.

    But if our work is to continue, we must also ignite the imagination of people outside the profession, convincing them that the things we learn, and the things we create, are important. That daily life is better because of them.

    And that is our reason for being at AIAA. To foster an environment that helps our members succeed. Where their work can be enriched, acknowledged, and advanced. To that end, we provide an intellectual meeting place where ideas can be exchanged among members in industry, government, and academia. Where partnerships can be formed. And global collaboration can thrive.

    At AIAA, we celebrate our members’ ingenuity and achievements, from the small but brilliantly simple to the complex missions that alter the course of human existence. We lay the groundwork for future advances by creating an atmosphere that inspires innovation. And we help the world to understand the need for it.

    We provide continuity and camaraderie for our members, wherever their careers may take them. And we ensure their adaptability in an ever-changing industry.

    We provide a launching pad for emerging professionals. And a welcoming atmosphere for students pursuing careers in aerospace.

    At AIAA, we work hard to make sure that aerospace professionals are recognized for their contributions in making the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. And we prove every day that with enough support, enough intellectual stimulation and enough collaboration, nothing is impossible.

    Our purpose and our goal is to fuel our members’ imaginations. To support their ambitions. And to inspire the rest of the world to do what has always come naturally to us.

    To dream.

    Video on AIAA's Credo

    Watch this new video that brings the credo to life!  Or, watch it on AIAA's YouTube channel.



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