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AIAA Standard for Space Systems — Structures, Structural Components, and Structural Assemblies (S-110-2005)

AIAA Standards - Member
37 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-56347-770-6
AIAA Members: $31.95
Non-Members: $36.95


This document establishes a standard for the design, analysis, material selection and characterization, fabrication, test, and inspection of structural items in space systems, including payloads, spacecraft, upper-stages, and expendable and reusable launch vehicles. This standard, when implemented on a particular space system, will assure high confidence in achieving safe, reliable operation in all phases of the mission. This document applies specifically to all structural items including fracture-critical hardware used in space systems during all phases of the mission—with the following exceptions: adaptive structures, engines, solid rocket nozzles, and thermal protection systems.