AIAA Young Professional Symposium

23 - 24 October 2017
Location: Huntsville, AL
Venue: University of Alabama in Huntsville - Student Services Building Conference Center

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Did you know that AIAA sponsors a forum specifically to showcase the work of YPs? The YP Symposium, hosted by the Greater Huntsville Section of AIAA, gives YPs the opportunity to present technical papers on the work they do as professionals in the Aerospace Industry. The Symposium’s topics span the domains of the Aerospace Industry so you can be sure to learn something new, all while meeting new people! The YP Symposium is supported by senior members of AIAA and the Aerospace Industry that provide peer reviews and mentorship and to YPs that attend.

The YP Symposium is the perfect bridge between the Student Conferences and the technical Forums. Though abstracts were due September 1, members can still register to attend the Symposium at the University of Alabama - Huntsville.


Registration fee: $48, includes lunch both days and a dinner reception on the 23rd. Come join us in The Rocket City as we celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow YPs!

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