22nd AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Co-located Conferences
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22nd AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Co-located Conferences

25 - 28 March 2013
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Venue: Hilton Daytona

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This event includes: 

22nd AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Seminar


AIAA Balloon Systems Conference


20th AIAA Lighter-Than-Air Systems Technology Conference


AIAA is pleased to announce the co-located 22nd AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference and Seminar, AIAA Balloon Systems Conference, and 20th AIAA Lighter-Than-Air Systems Technology Conference, to be held 25–28 March 2013 at Hilton Daytona Beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. This event provides an unrivaled opportunity to gather the world's leading parachute, flexible structure, airship, balloon, and aerostat scientists, engineers, researchers, and managers from all over the globe for technical interchange and technology advancement.

The co-location of these related AIAA events provides attendees with a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge of technological advances of these interrelated disciplines and explore areas of common technical expertise.


Event participants will:
  • Present recent advances before a knowledgeable international audience
  • Educate industry customers and providers on their latest research and product developments
  • Extract lessons learned from past system applications and programs to result in increased technical success, cost savings, and schedule savings for current or ensuing projects or programs
  • Network to engage new contacts and refresh old ones
  • Recognize significant achievements from within the community


On Monday, 25 March 2013, the ADS Technical Committee will host a one-day seminar on Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL). Engineers presently involved in EDL research, development, and flight missions will present this seminar. The objective of this seminar is to introduce the attendees to the challenges associated with EDL, the technologies used to address these challenges, and the nomenclature typically used to discuss EDL. Topics will include trajectories, hypersonic aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics, rigid and deployable aerodynamic decelerators, supersonic retropropulsion, and landing systems. The seminar will conclude with a case study of a flight mission that utilized EDL.

PIA Meeting and Symposium

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The 2013 AIAA event will be held in conjunction with the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) Meeting and Symposium! PIA’s primary areas of interest are the manufacture of parachute systems and materials, along with the more hands-on aspects of rigging, maintenance, and operation. The AIAA and PIA events will complement each other by providing a broader perspective of the field of aerodynamic decelerators. Joint activities will offer interaction between the groups and increase the value to all participants! For more information on PIA, please visit www.pia.com