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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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  • P&E2014 - What Did You Miss?
    Couldn’t travel to Cleveland? No worries, learn what happened 28-30 July at, or view the recorded sessions via AIAA's Livestream channel.
  • SPACE 2014 Reg Open Hero
    At AIAA SPACE 2014 the best minds from across the country and around the world will present the newest developments, help solve the weightiest problems, and try to map both the universe and the future. View the conference program.
  • Apollo 11 Launched 45 Years Ago
    AIAA celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission and the first steps on the Moon. We salute the entire Apollo program team for their historic accomplishment.
  • AVIATION 2014 - what did you miss
    Couldn’t travel to the most important AVIATION event of the year? No worries, learn what happened 16-20 June at, or watch the recorded sessions via AIAA's Livestream channel.
  • Shaping the Future of Aerospace - AIAA Credo
    Igniting your desire to create and explore, AIAA serves as your life-long link to the aerospace profession. To learn more about our new mission, vision, tagline, and credo, visit

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