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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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 Participation is Power


Shaping the future of aerospace is no simple task.


Shaping the future of aerospace takes passion, discussion, innovation, collaboration, and most importantly, it takes YOU! And, AIAA forums and expositions are catalysts for inspired idea exchange, progressive problem solving, and industry innovation.


AIAA forums draw almost 8,000 participants from 88 countries around the world, including more than 2,000 students. Engineers and scientists from industry, government, and academia share more than 5,000 of the latest research and development findings that will shape the future of aerospace.


Make plans now to participate as a speaker, presenter, sponsor, exhibitor, or attendee.


  “Your return on investment will be high. The multiple opportunities you have to advance your career personally by learning, to advance your career professionally by worth the price of admission.”
   —Lt. Gen. Larry D. James, USAF (Ret.), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition
13–17 June 2016, Washington, D.C.

AIAA AVIATION 2016 is the only aviation event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business and technology. A new DEMAND for UNMANNED symposium and 12 technical conferences in one location make this a must-attend event in 2016!


AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2016
AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition
25–27 July 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

Propulsion and energy systems are at the very heart of aerospace and every move forward in our exploration of the world, and the universe, is enabled by new technologies coming from the researchers and engineers who will assemble at the 2016 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition.


AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition
13–16 September 2016, Long Beach, California

Combining the best aspects of technical conferences with insights from respected leaders, it is the innovative and tireless work of those participating in AIAA SPACE 2016 that helped to make 2015 the Year of Space.


AIAA SciTech 2017
AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition
9–13 January 2017, Grapevine, Texas

AIAA SciTech 2017—and the 11 technical conferences that comprise the forum—is THE convener of the most original perspectives, curator of the most essential research information, and catalyst for the most stimulating idea exchange in the aerospace field, delivering ingenuity and innovation in aerospace sciences for more than 50 years.


AIAA DEFENSE 2017 (Event Overview Coming Soon)
AIAA Defense and Security Forum and Exposition

25–27 April 2017, Laurel, Maryland
Kossiakoff Center at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
AIAA organizes a classified and unclassified U.S.-only event for technical, programmatic, and policy issues pertaining to aerospace in U.S. national security. The objective of the AIAA Defense and Security Forum (AIAA DEFENSE) is to create a non-biased, non-partisan forum for defense officials to interact with industry partners, aerospace R&D community, and government decision- and policy-makers.


AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition
5-9 June 2017
Denver, Colorado


AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2017
AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition
10-12 July 2017
Atlanta, Georgia


AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition
12-14 September 2017
Orlando, Florida