31st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC)

14 - 17 October 2013
Location: Florence, Italy
Venue: Hilton Florence Metropole Hotel

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For all conference details and registration, go to www.kaconf.org.


The 31st AIAA International Communications Satellite SystemsConference (ICSSC) and the 19th Ka and Broadband Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Conference, the two most influential technical conferences on satellite systems, will be held jointly with the theme: Satellite Systems for the Needs of the 21st Century.

Despite the steady progress of wire-line and wireless terrestrialtechnologies satellites are still playing a key, and often, unique role in oursociety. Although the most successful application of satellites is representedby direct-to-home digital broadcasting, satellite applications are much morewidespread, spanning from interactive broadband service provision toterrestrially uncovered regions directly or indirectly via backhaul services.In addition to individual reach, satellites provide key functions forgovernments' civil and military needs and for commercial enterprises. Security and public safety organizations rely on satellites for critical telecommunications, search and rescue operations, tracking of ships at sea,airplanes, environmental sensing and daily monitoring, more so during disaster events such as floods, earthquakes, forest fires or tsunami to name a few. Navigation satellites are nowadays representing a key and often unique high-accuracy localization technique to complement terrestrial sensors. A multitude of space-borne sensors are providing essential information about the Earth status for better weather and climate prediction as well for strategic purposes. These sensors are requiring downloading, processing and distributing a growing amount of data. Our search for a better understanding of the universe and in particular of our galaxy calls for unprecedented communication capacity to be relayed to Earth from various sensors.

Improving on the above capabilities and providing new ways to serve mankind are some of the challenges the satellite community must face. The conference will explore these challenges and present new solutions to enhance what satellite scan offer in the various application domains. The objective of the conference is to provide an in depth exploration of the technical, regulatory, economic,and marketing issues affecting these new and planned services.

For more detailed information, please visit www.icssc2013.org.