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    Engineers As Educators Toolkit


    Engineers as Educators

    People who serve as role models can inspire students to see the relevance of science and math to the real world, making the subject matter come alive. Whether you have participated in the training or are viewing it online, AIAA wants you to have the tools to make you successful when working with students in a formal or informal venue.


    This video provides Tips and Tricks for working with students and provides simple, low cost hands-on activities that you can do in the classroom. Hear from the 2011 AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award winners why mentors are critical partners in education.


    Want to Hold a Workshop in Your Section?

    1. Enlist an educator in your local section to act as the facilitator. The educator can help inform the workshop attendees about the local educational system and any requirements for volunteers and mentors, make suggestions on when during the school year a visit might be most appreciated by the classroom teacher and local needs for mentors and coaches. This person will become your resident expert on STEM K-12 issues. Contact Chris Jessee for a list of potential instructors in your area.
    2. Pick a date and location. Many sections use this workshop as a dinner or weekend program in preparation for National Engineers Week, Career Days, Science Fairs, or competitions.
    3. Notify Chris Jessee of your date and location and she will send name tags and give-aways.
    4. Use the event timeline to plan a successful event.
    5. Download and copy the Tips and Tricks brochure.
    6. Using the registration list, create certificates of participation to give to the attendees along with their name tag.
    7. Distribute the Engineers as Educators Survey for the attendees to complete and return to you before they leave the workshop.
    8. After the event, return the Registration List  and the completed surveys to Chris Jessee so that your workshop attendees can become part of the Volunteer-Mentor Database, which will help match educators and professionals.



    For the Workshop Facilitator

    1. View the video above for suggestions on teaching the workshop from one of our master teachers, Elana Slagle.
    2. Download one of the presentations, the outline, the event timeline, the Scavenger Hunt for Students,  the  Scavenger Hunt for Engineers and the associated  workshop supply list.
    3. Assist the section with location selection. This might be a great time to get section members into your school or other local facility (such as a museum) that has classrooms or other space available at low or no cost.
    4. Assist the section with purchase of the supplies.


    Download the following forms to get started:

    Section Forms


    Presentation Modules



    Alternative Activities

    After talking with your Workshop Facilitator and other section members, you may decide that you would like to include alternative activities for your workshop. We suggest that you review the 2011- 2013 Presentations to gain an understanding of the basics of the presentations. You can then go to Kid's Place K-12 Activities to select alternate activities.