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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.

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AIAA Working Groups

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Career and Professional Development Committee (CPDC) Working Groups

The Career and Professional Development Committee, is charged with providing professional education resources and programs that assist members in the development of their careers in the aerospace community. The working groups that work under the direction of this committee are focused on:


  • New Initiatives: Reviewing new ideas/suggestions and recommending for implementation projects/programs.

  • Career Development Programs: Implementing identified and approved programs focused on career development.

  • Professional Development Programs: Implementing identified and approved programs focused on professional development.

  • Resources: Identifying, developing, collecting and providing resources to support career and professional development of members

  • Section and TC Engagement: Coordinating (or maintaining an awareness of) the relevant activities that are being implemented at the various levels of the Institute (e.g. Sections, Technical Committees, etc.)

  • Partnerships: Identifying and recommending organizations, government agencies, etc. with whom to partner.

Email us if you want to learn more or want to volunteer for a Career and Professional Development Committee Working Group.


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Diversity Working Group (DWG)

In order for AIAA to be the voice of the aerospace profession, and shape the future of aerospace, our leaders understand that our membership needs to be diverse in race, ethnicity, and gender. The AIAA DWG was formed to encourage participation and collaboration across all genders, ethnicities and races, and to enhance AIAA’s representation of the entire industry.

This working group consists of four subgroups:

  • Outreach Subgroup
  • Diversity Programming Subgroup
  • Leadership, Growth, and Retention Subgroup
  • Communications Subgroup

It is the working group's goal to improve on the following statistics, and grow the number of women and people from different races and ethnicities, to make our membership more in-line with current industry demographics. Learn more.


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Governance Working Group (GWG)

The GWG was formed by AIAA’s Blue Ribbon Panel in 2014 to propose a governance model for AIAA that meets the strategic, operational, and tactical needs of AIAA. This working group has taken a look at the current governance model, projecting what the AIAA of the future will need in order to be successful and relevant. The changes that are proposed will require a Constitutional vote this year. This vote will involve the whole membership. Vote now.


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STEM K-12 Committee Working Groups

The AIAA K-12 STEM Committee is chartered under the auspices of the AIAA Foundation. The work of the Committee is done through a working group structure.  A group of subject matter experts and/or members with an interest will work together to achieve specified goals.The active working groups are focused on:

  • Outreach Technology - Search out and implement technology that supports AIAA STEM outreach through effective communication and/or opportunities for use in the classroom.

  • Educator Associates- Work with Educator Associate members to understand their needs and identify activities of value. Look for ways to more fully engage the teachers. Determine how they wish to receive information (emails, newsletters, etc.)

  • Competitions - Search out and coordinate a path for AIAA to engage in a student robotics competition that is focused on aerospace principles.

  • Classroom Grants - Oversee the biannual program which includes reviewing the grant applications and making funding recommendations. Identify opportunities to improve upon the program.

  • Micro-Lessons - Develop and communicate small Aerospace lessons for use by Educator Associates.

  • Section Engagement - Maintain awareness of Section and TC STEM activities and communicate/coordinate promising activities across sections/TCs to promote strong AIAA STEM programming nation-wide. Identify programs that may be leveraged into National Engineer’s week activities.

  • Signature Programs - Identify and execute STEM programming at the AIAA forums. Coordinate with the local section involved for the volunteer and member involvement at the Forum.

  • Diversity - Search out on-going section STEM K-12 programs that encourage minorities/women to engage in AIAA. Develop STEM K-12 programming to encourage and inspire minorities/women to engage in AIAA

  • High School Club - Setting up and mantinaing the process of getting high school students connected into AIAA

  • Technical Committee Coordination - A conduit for STEM communication between the TCs and the STEM Committee. This includes tracking TC STEM initiaitves and coordinating with TCs for STEM events at AIAA Forums.


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Public Policy Committee (PPC)

The PPC has six working groups that ensure that aerospace public policy is on the forefront of the mind of government officials.  If you are interested in volunteering on any of the following working groups, contact us.

  • Key Issue Development Working Group (KIWG)
    The KIWG is responsible for identifying, consolidating, and focusing on the critical political issues that affect the aerospace industry as a whole. The key policy issues themes and relevant issues will be reviewed and determined annually by the PPC and presented to the AIAA Board of Directors each January for approval.

  • Congressional Visits Day Program Working Group
    Play a big part in the success of Congressional Visits Day (CVD). Get unprecedented professional development opportunities beyond the normal AIAA technical or program committees or section leadership. Network with AIAA corporate members, staff, and other members to gain experience planning a major event in the congressional environment.

  • Forum Integration Working Group (FIWG)
    The FIWG is responsible for ensuring that AIAA messages, themes, and key issues relating to public policy are most effectively integrated into the annual forums. Current and past Forum Organizing Committee Members are highly encouraged to join the FIWG to ensure continuity and knowledge sharing from year-to-year, however everyone is welcome to volunteer!

  • States Advocacy Working Group (SAWG)
    The States Advocacy Working Group (SAWG) is responsible for enhancing and expanding AIAA’s public policy activities to the state and local levels. If you have a passion for public policy and want to educate local leaders on the key role of the aerospace industry in your communities, then the SAWG is for you!

  • Engagement Activities Working Group (EAWG)
    The EAWG will educate AIAA members, the public, elected officials, and other key stakeholders about the breadth of the aerospace profession and what it accomplishes, as well as to focus attention on issues important to sustaining progress and advances in the profession. Because successful engagement activities require strategies that vary by target audience, the EAWG needs participation by a wide-range of AIAA members.

  • Honors and Awards Working Group (HAWG)
    The HAWG has been established to focus efforts in nominating exceptional candidates for the annual policy and public services related awards, including the Public Service Award, the Durand Lectureship, and the Section Awards. The HAWG is responsible for soliciting, evaluating, and recommending the awardees to the PPC. Be part of the HAWG today!


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