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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    2017-2018 Graduate Team Structures-Fuselage Design

    Design of Non-Circular Fuselage with Aft-Mounted Engines – Request for Proposal

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    • Letter of Intent submitted via online submission site – 10 February 2018 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Time)
    • Proposal submitted via online submission site – 10 May 2018 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Time)
    • Announcement of Winners (via email) – 31 August 2018 (11:59 pm Eastern Time)


    The "double-bubble" fuselage design is a novel concept for a high-efficiency, subsonic transport with the potential to move more passengers while reducing emissions. The aerodynamic shape of the fuselage has been studied by NASA and Aurora Flight Sciences in their D8 model. An additional feature of the D8 is the integrated engines in the aft of the fuselage structure. To achieve the necessary fuselage shape and engine integration poses a significant structural challenge.

    This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the structural design of a "double-bubble" fuselage with aft-mounted, integrated engines. The fuselage must bear the aerodynamic and pressure loads from a range of passenger aircraft maneuvers, meet or exceed fatigue limits, and use composite materials. The detailed requirements are provided in the following tables including the aerodynamic geometry.

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