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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Allocation of Member Dues

    Here is the breakdown of the activities that are supported by professional dues.


    Allocation Of Member Dues Sept 2015

    Member Services and Marketing (30%)

    Servicing and retaining current members is an important function of the Institute. The costs associated with this function include maintenance of the membership database and annual member renewal campaigns; member grade and longevity recognition; specific outreach to younger professionals and those transitioning from student status; support for the membership governance committees; and campaigns to recapture lapsed members. To attract new members, a portion of dues is used to conduct recruitment campaigns.

    Aerospace America and The Bulletin (20%)

    All members receive Aerospace America (which includes the Bulletin) every month via print or online. Member dues support a portion of the costs associated with publishing this magazine. The remainder of the costs is covered via advertising and support by other areas of the Institute.

    Region and Section Activities (12%)

    Region and Section Activities are an integral part of the Institute. For some members, that’s where the action begins. There are 57 Sections throughout the United States and overseas, organized into seven Regions. Included in the 12% is dues money that AIAA returns to Regions and Sections to help support their operations. Each section receives a $9.00 rebate for each professional member. The Region and Section Activities Budget also includes funds to support the Regional Leadership Conference (officer training), Distinguished Lecture and Speaker Reimbursement Program, the regional and national governance committees, and local membership recruitment and retention.

    Information Technology (8%)

    Information Technology supports the member database, online access to " My AIAA," and electronic submission and delivery of various products and services.

    Studen Programs (4%) 

    University students are the future leaders of the Institute. Servicing and retaining students is a priority. The costs associated with Student Programs include maintenance of the student database and annual renewal campaigns; support for the 200+ student branches and various outreach campaigns to engage them as they navigate their way through school and begin the transition to professional membership. Note: Programs such as design competitions, student conferences, scholarships, etc. are funded by the AIAA Foundation.

    Honors and Awards (3%) 

    Recognizing outstanding achievement is one of the primary responsibilities of the Institute. AIAA proudly meets this responsibility through its honors and awards program. Costs associated with running this program include the medals and certificates presented to the honorees, as well as photography, promotion, and funding for the H&A governance committee.

    Administration and Overhead (23%) 

    AIAA, like many organizations, has infrastructure costs such as accounting, mailroom, corporate, communications, facilities management, etc. These areas of the Institute support the members in many different ways. The Integrated Product and Program Development Division, for example, manages the website and ensures that you get the AIAA Daily Launch.

    As you can see, professional member dues support numerous programs and services. We continually look for ways to improve your membership experience. If you have questions about your dues, or suggestions for improving service, please e-mail them to Katie Taplett.


    As disclosed in Schedule C of Form 990, AIAA's lobbying expenses are 0.3% of total Institute expenses. No membership dues are directly allocated to lobbying expenses.


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