21st Workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS)

13 - 16 September 2017
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Venue: Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

An AIAA co-sponsored conference.

The annual CEAS-ASC workshop focusses on one key topic related to aviation noise research. It is complimentary to the larger AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics conference which covers a broad range of topics in aeroacoustics and aviation noise. The CEAS-ASC workshops provide a forum to present recent research in a key topic relevant to European and American research groups working in the field of aviation noise. In 2017, the topic of “Ducted and Un-Ducted Rotor Noise” will be of great interest to the aviation noise research community. It will promote discussions on all aspects of this topic and also promote collaboration between different research groups working in this area. The objective of the workshop will be to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current analysis and measurement methods whose aim is to understand and reduce rotor noise. Fan, Turbomachinery, Compressor, CROR and Turboprop noise will all be included within the scope of the workshop ensuring a broad audience and maximizing dissemination across sub-sectors.

The workshop will serve to improve the information exchange between scientists, aircraft engineers and academics on new developments in these related topics. Including CROR and Turboprop will particularly interest AIAA members who are active in this important and current area of research interest. Being a workshop rather than a conference, the event will be organized in a way as to provide ample time for discussions. It is expected that the interchange among aerospace professionals with very different backgrounds will on the one hand evoke new ideas for solutions to technical problems and on the other hand explore the needs for future research.
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