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Your company’s investment in AIAA Corporate Membership means an investment in you.

Whether you are a longtime individual professional member of AIAA or completely new to us, welcome! We are glad you are here and a part of your organization’s corporate membership. Your organization is a corporate member because they believe in the power of collaboration, technical excellence, and advancing the aerospace industry.

You have been selected as a Corporate Member roster designee. Congratulations!

As a part of that designation you receive a complimentary individual professional membership, are automatically elevated to Senior Member, and are qualified for discounted forum registration rates. Plus, you may be eligible for other benefits negotiated by your organization.  

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  • Blue Origin is proud to be a part of the AIAA network – an organization that offers space professionals career development, opportunities to learn, and recognition for outstanding achievement.

    Clay Mowry, Vice President, Global Sales
    Blue Origin
  • Millennium’s commitment to our customers is bolstered by AIAA’s commitment to our community. AIAA personifies advancement of technology and good shepherding of resources in the aerospace industry. We appreciate the opportunity to be an AIAA Corporate Member, where we know we will gain knowledge and value, benefit from the good that AIAA brings to our industry, and give back to the community in meaningful ways to support AIAA’s mission.

    Patrick Murphy, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Millennium Engineering and Integration Company