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    CVD 2013 Photos

    CVD2013-TeamMD   CVD2013-TeamMD-CapitolHill   CVD2013-TeamMD-with-DutchRuppesburgerStaff   CVD2013-TeamOH-Astronauts   CVD2013-TeamOH-SuniWilliams
    CVD2013-TeamDE-RepPitts   CVD2013-TeamFL-CapitolHill   CVD2013-TeamFL-CapitolHillLawn   CVD2013-TeamFL-CapitolHillLawn-GatorChomp   CVD2013-TeamFL-InsideRotunda
        CVD2013-TeamDE-SenCoons   CVD2013-TeamOH-Portman   CVD2013-TeamFL-3  

    CVD 2013 Recap

    The 16th annual AIAA Congressional Visits Day program took place 19–20 March, drawing 167 AIAA members from 44 AIAA sections, representing 35 states as well as the District of Columbia, to Washington, DC, to meet with their elected representatives and discuss matters of vital importance to America’s aerospace community. Through over 300 meetings with congressional decision makers, AIAA members discussed a number of topics, including: promoting and incentivizing public-private partnerships for tech transfer and research; enabling sustained deep space exploration; completing public/private human Earth-orbit programs; developing a world class aerospace workforce; supporting STEM K-12 education; assuring the viability of the U.S. aerospace and defense industrial base; lessening the impact of export controls on aerospace; accelerating the integration of UAV/UAS into the National Air Space, and ensuring that a robust and integrated cybersecurity policy is one of our top national security priorities.

    When asked about the value of CVD to AIAA, and why she feels members should attend, Carol Cash, Vice President of Public Policy, and chair of the Public Policy Committee said, “This year’s Congressional Visits Day program gave AIAA members their first chance to engage the newly elected Congress, in an effort to educate them on the importance of aerospace to our nation’s prosperity and security. I am happy that 170 members from 44 sections took the chance to do so. Congressional Visits Day serves a vital link between our members and Congressional decision makers who formulate the policy and regulations which can either stifle or free our industry. Engaging Congress is vital to ensure that American aerospace keeps moving in an upwards trajectory, and to ensure that we remain the world leaders in aerospace. If you haven’t yet participated in the CVD program, I invite you to join us in 2014 – without your voice, change is impossible!”

    For more information on AIAA's annual Congressional Visits Day Program, contact Duane Hyland at