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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAA Continuing Education Course Profile Form

    Thank you for your interest in joining the prestigious group of instructors in the AIAA Continuing Education Program. Please refer to the AIAA Professional Development Handbook for Instructors for detailed information and procedures for course approvals and scheduling.

    All courses must be first submitted through and approved by an AIAA Technical Committee (TC). This form as well as the TC Recommendation Form must be submitted to the AIAA Career and Professional Development Committee (CPDC) for final approval and possible scheduling.

    Please note that the information asked for in this document is extremely important for us to evaluate your proposal and promote your course, should it be accepted. Please be as complete as possible. Feel free to attach additional sheets as necessary.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Jason Cole
    Manager, Education
    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    12700 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 200
    Reston, VA 20191-5807
    Tel: 703.264.7596


    Please complete the form below and then click on "Submit Form" at the bottom of the page.


    Course Title & General Information

    Title of Course

    Type of Course Deliverable: (select all those deliverables that can apply to your course)



    *If "Course at Conference" is selected, which AIAA forum would be most relevant? (Please refer to for a list of events):

    Course Length:

    Course Level (please select one):

    What AIAA Technical Committee is most appropriate to review the course? Please refer to the drop-down list of interest codes, below. The “TC” indicates an active technical committee:

    Instructor(s) Information

    Please provide information for all instructors. Identify the Lead Instructor or Point of Contact. If there are multiple instructors for this course, AIAA will communicate with the Lead Instructor and that person will disseminate relevant information to the other instructors.

    Lead Instructor / Point of Contact:

    Other Instructors:
    Name (1):  
    Title (1):    
    Organization (1):  
    Email (1):  

    Name (2):  
    Title (2):    
    Organization (2): 
    Email (2):  

    Course Content Description

    In narrative form, please provide a brief synopsis or overview of this course (150 words or less).

    In bullet format, please provide learning objectives of the course (no more than 6 bullets)

    In an outline format, please provide a detailed outline including subheadings (no more than 30 lines).

    Course Audience/Market

    In narrative form, write a brief paragraph describing the intended target audience for this course (50 words or less)

    Which Professional Interests apply to your Course?




    What other technical societies, companies, government agencies, conferences attendee lists, departmental or company mailing lists, etc. would likely find your course relevant to their members’/companies’ areas of interest. (please list)

    Can you provide mailing lists?


    If yes, provide mailing lists here:

    List any other courses being offered that, to your knowledge, are similar to this course or that you think may compete with the course. (Include their titles, and instructors.)

    Course Content Life Cycle/Relevance

    What is the likely development process and expected life cycle of this course?  Please provide a brief summary of the life cycle and trend of this topic.

    Course Materials

    Is there a textbook recommended with your course?


    If so, provide author, title price and publisher. Only AIAA textbooks will be considered as required course materials.  Textbooks published by other publishers will be considered recommended reading.

    Are there any computer software recommendations for this course?



    If so, please provide full information.

    Have you designed any software programs to accompany your course?


    If so, please describe as fully as possible.

    Are there any other recommendations, other than course notes, that students will need to complete the course?



    If yes, please describe:


    We use testimonials, or endorsements, from qualified, eminent individuals for promotional use. These endorsements are solicited by you, and are important to attract potential students. Please provide us with their names, titles, business affiliations, addresses, and telephone numbers.

    Originality & ITAR Compliant

    Clearance: The accompanying notes/handouts, books, and/or lecture materials are UNCLASSIFIED (for public release) and have been cleared for release by the appropriate agencies, company, or government. The course materials have been determined to be in the public domain as defined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation.



    Non-Infringement Statement
    Please make unambiguous the copyright status of any published material, course notes, or handouts, by checking the box on the following affidavit assuring us that it contains no copyright-infringing material.

    Instructor Payment
    Please note that Government Employees may not legally be able to receive an honorarium for course instruction. In those circumstances, AIAA will agree to reimburse travel expenses, up to the honorarium amount.


    The published material, course notes, or handouts are represented as original work by the instructor(s). No portion of the material is covered by a prior copyright or for any portion that may be copyrighted; the author has obtained permission for its use. The instructor owns the course materials and contents.

    AIAA Instructor Agreement

    Acknowledgement by Lead Instructor