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    In what formats are AIAA Continuing Education courses available?

    AIAA courses are available in the following formats:


    • Courses at conferences: Courses held in conjunction with the five AIAA forums are selected for their relevance to the technical community that meets at the forum. They provide intensive coverage of the topic and feature lectures and demonstrations, with ample opportunity to interact with instructors and fellow students. To view a list of courses being held at upcoming forums, click here.
    • Online Learning – Webcasts and Webinars: AIAA offers FREE Webinars and Webcasts on hot topics, and specific areas where our industry is growing - aviation cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, autonomy/unmanned aerial systems and commercialization of space—just to name a few. The webcasts will feature conversations and Q&A with industry experts.
    • Online Lectures: Similar to onsite technical courses at AIAA forums, these lectures will provide summary-level information to help stay current on a variety of technical topics. Taught by experts in the respective fields, these courses bring valuable information to you without having to travel!.
    • Onsite training courses: AIAA offers its courses to organizations for onsite training at their facilities for the benefit of its employees. For more information about how to schedule a course at your facility, click here.


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    How are AIAA Continuing Education courses selected?

    AIAA Continuing Education courses are carefully selected for their technical relevance to the aerospace profession. All courses are reviewed by appropriate AIAA Technical Committees to certify their quality and relevance. Many courses are developed and taught by AIAA Technical Committees and experts in their fields.
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    How do I teach a course through AIAA?

    AIAA is always looking for experts in their fields to teach new courses!!! Help members develop skills and expand their knowledge so it can be applied to their valuable industry work. New courses proposals go through a straightforward review process. To be considered, you will need to fill out a course profile form, which is reviewed by the relevant group within AIAA. If the course is approved, you will enter into an agreement with AIAA so that your course can be offered.
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    How do I arrange to have an AIAA courses taught at my facility?

    AIAA courses are available for onsite training at company facilities, dependent on instructor availability. Many courses can be customized for the organization’s need. For more information, please visit the Onsite Training page or contact Jason Cole at or +1.703.264.7596.
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    How do I register for AIAA courses?

    To register for courses offered in conjunction with an AIAA forum, please register for the course through the forum registration. Please go to the Events Listing on the AIAA website, select the forum at which the course is being offered, and click on “Registration.”
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    What do the course fees include?

    Course fees include tuition and online course notes and presentations. Fees do not include forum registration or hotel accommodations.
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    Is an AIAA membership included in my registration?

    No, an AIAA membership is not included in course registration. However, given the large discounts given to members on courses and the myriad of other benefits, any non-members should strongly consider becoming an AIAA member prior to registering for a course.
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    What payment options are accepted?

    AIAA accepts payment by check, credit card, or bank wire transfer. Payment must accompany your registration form. We will email a confirmation with course details after receiving your registration.
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    Are group discounts available?

    Group discounts may be available for groups of 10 or more persons from the same organization who register and pay at the same time with a single form of payment. For more information, please contact Jason Cole at or +1.703.264.7596.
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    Can I cancel or substitute my registration?

    Substitutions may be made at any time. Cancellations must be postmarked 3 weeks before the course start date and are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. If you must cancel within three weeks of the course date, you will forfeit the entire fee.
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    How do I know if a course has been cancelled?

    AIAA reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient registration or any situation beyond its control. Each course will be reviewed 3 weeks prior to the start date and may be canceled if a minimum enrollment has not been reached. Please refer to the AIAA website for course status. If AIAA cancels a course, participants will be notified immediately and a full refund will be issued. AIAA cannot be responsible for expenses incurred due to course cancellation. AIAA reserves the right to substitute instructors in the event of unusual circumstances.
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    Do I need any materials for the course?

    AIAA short courses supply you with extensive course materials only available online. These charts, lists, graphics, and summaries provide you with invaluable resources for future reference. Since course notes will not be distributed onsite, AIAA and your course instructor highly recommend that you bring your computer with the course notes already downloaded to the course. Course notes are available to course registrants about 1 week prior to the course event.
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    How do I access my course notes?

    Course registrants receive an email about 1 week prior to the course with detailed instructions on how to access course notes.
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    What is the course schedule?


    • Courses at conferences are traditionally scheduled from 0800–1700 hours both days. The day’s agenda and breaks are at the instructor(s) discretion. There will be continental breakfast, and an afternoon coffee break provided daily. 
    • Webinars are scheduled at different days and times, depending on the nature of the course and the availability of the instructor.
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    Do AIAA courses include Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

    Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion and the appropriate number of CEUs. A CEU represents 10 hours of classroom instruction and is a nationally recognized standard unit of measurement awarded for participating in qualified continuing education programs.
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    Do AIAA courses include accreditation?

    Accreditation is not available through the AIAA Continuing Education Program.
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