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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Our Core Values

    Our core values provide a common foundation throughout the AIAA community as we execute our mission and pursue our vision. These values, inherent throughout our professional activities, are presented below. Their reflection in our products and services is the constant goal of the AIAA staff in serving our members.


    We expect nothing less than perfection in all we do. The critical consequences of our work and the impact to society at large drive our passion for overcoming risk.



    We bring together a diverse community to collaborate and share information and insights among pioneers, practitioners, future generations, staff and partners to enable personal, professional, and business growth.



    We lead the global aerospace community into the future with visionary inspiration and the talent of our membership.



    Our profession requires lifelong learning, and knowledge that is wide and deep. We must inspire future generations to continue the quest for broad and profound understanding.



    We conduct all activities honestly, truthfully, and ethically. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.


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