AIAA on-demand Webinar: “Fundamentals of Communicating by Satellites”

11 - 12 September 2012

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The two 90-minute (plus Q&A) introductory webinars will present the basic principles involved in satellite communications, starting with a definition of key terms and an explanation of the principles involved in the modulation, coding, and transmission of information. The major elements involved in both satellite communication payloads and earth terminals will be explained, with emphasis on the antennas and power amplifiers that play such a major role in making satellite communications possible. The course material is intended to allow engineers working in other fields to gain an overall understanding of satellite communications, however its prime purpose is to give a relatively broad overview of the field rather than presenting any rigorous mathematical justification of the concepts covered, so it should also be suitable for a more general audience with a relatively limited technical background.

Key Topics
  • Satellite Communications Terms and Concepts
  • Information and its Modulation, Coding, and Transmission
  • Repeaters, Antennas and Power Amplifiers
  • Frequency Re-use and Multiple Access
  • Earth Stations and Terminals
  • Link Budgets