AIAA on-demand Webinar: “Introduction to Communication Satellites and their Subsystems”

10 - 11 October 2012

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 The two 90 minute introductory webinars will present the basic technologies and designs used in communication satellites, and the system considerations that underlie the selection of a particular type of system. A brief history will be given of the field prior to beginning the coverage of system, economic, and technical aspects. An introduction to the environments encountered in space will be given.

The various orbits used for satellite communications will be described along with the pros and cons associated with the selection of any specific orbit(s). There will then be a breakdown given of the various subsystems making up typical communication satellites, with an introduction to the types of technologies used in these. The synthesis and analysis techniques on which the subsystem designs are based will be described. Finally, the typical test program for a communication satellite will be discussed.

Key Topics
  • Short history of satellite communications
  • The Space Environment
  • Communication satellite orbits
  • Satellite Subsystems
  • Satellite test programs