AIAA Webinar: “Lessons from Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Study”

18 December 2012

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This webinar summarizes the work accomplished for NASA by the Boeing Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) team during a continuing two phase study which started in 2008. Results through February 2012 are reported.

In Phase I, the team completed the development of a future scenario for world-wide commercial aviation in 2030, selected baseline and advanced configurations, generated technology suites for each, conducted detailed performance analysis, calculated noise and emissions, assessed technology risks, and developed technology roadmaps. Five concepts were evaluated in detail including a high span strut braced wing concept, a gas turbine battery electric concept, and a hybrid wing body.

In Phase II, the study was extended to the N+4 2040 timeframe and considered the following additional technologies: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrogen, fuel cell hybrids, Low Energy Nuclear (LENR), boundary layer ingestion propulsion (BLI), unducted fans, and advanced propellers.

Key Topics
  1. The Challenges and Opportunities for Green Aviation
  2. Phase I N+3 Advanced Concepts and Technologies
  3. Phase I N+3 Results and Recommendations
  4. Phase II N+4 Technologies
  5. Phase II N+4 Results and Recommendations
  6. Future Work

Who Should Attend

Those working in the areas of Aircraft Design, Gas Turbine Engines and Air Breathing Propulsion Systems should attend.