Modeling Flight Dynamics with Tensors

4 - 5 March 2013

Location: National Aerospace Institute (NIA), Hampton, VA
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Establishing a new trend in flight dynamics, this two-day course introduces you to the modeling of flight dynamics with tensors. Instead of using the classical “vector mechanics” technique, the kinematics and dynamics of aerospace vehicles are formulated by Cartesian tensors that are invariant under time-dependent coordinate transformations.

This course builds on your general understanding of flight mechanics, but requires no prior knowledge of tensors. It introduces Cartesian tensors, reviews coordinate systems, formulates tensorial kinematics, and applies Newton’s and Euler’s laws to build the general six degrees of freedom equations of motion. For stability and control applications, the perturbation equations are derived with their linear and nonlinear aerodynamic derivatives. After taking the course you will have an appreciation of the powerful new “tensor flight dynamics,” and you should be able to model the dynamics of your own aerospace vehicle.

Key Topics
  • Introduction to modeling with Cartesian tensors
  • Coordinate systems of flight dynamics
  • Tensorial kinematics and dynamics of aerospace vehicles
  • Six degrees of freedom equations of motion
  • Perturbation equations of steady and unsteady flight
  • Linear and nonlinear aerodynamic derivatives

Who Should Attend

This course is valuable for scientists and engineers engaged in modeling and analyzing aerospace vehicle dynamics. Its modern treatment of flight dynamics with tensors is also of interest to educators at aerospace and mechanical engineering departments, as well as their students.