Gossamer Systems: Analysis and Design

23 - 24 September 2013

Location: the AERO Institute, Palmdale, CA
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An evolving trend in spacecraft is to exploit very small (micro- and nano-sats) or very large (solar sails, antenna, etc.) configurations. In either case, success will depend greatly on of ultra-lightweight technology, i.e., “gossamer systems technology.” Areal densities of less than 1 kg/m2 (perhaps even down to 1 g/m2!) will need to be achieved.

This course will provide the engineer, project manager, and mission planner with the basic knowledge necessary to understand and successfully utilize this emerging technology. Definitions, terminology, basic mechanics and materials issues, testing, design guidelines, and mission applications will be discussed. A textbook and course notes will be provided.

Key Topics
  • Introduction to gossamer systems
  • Analysis techniques for gossamer spacecraft
  • Materials development for gossamer spacecraft
  • Design and testing of gossamer spacecraft
  • Applications of gossamer systems
  • Status and future of gossamer systems

Who Should Attend

This course will be of interest to aerospace, electrical, and mechanical engineers, material scientists, astronomers and physicists, project managers, and mission planners involved in space technology.