Basics of Structural Dynamics

6 - 7 April 2013

Location: Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers, Boston, Massachusetts
Held in conjunction with: 21st AIAA/ASME/AHS Adaptive Structures Conference
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This course is intended to be an introductory course in Vibrations and Structural Dynamics.  The goals of the course will be to provide students with the ability to characterize the dynamic characteristics of structures, and enable the prediction of response of structures to dynamic environments.  Subjects examined in the course will be free and forced vibration of single degree-of-freedom systems, forced response of multi-DOF systems, modal testing, and component loads analysis.  The course will concentrate on the essential concepts within these topics to enable widely-applicable understanding, but we’ll include examples of applications focused on rocket engines and launch vehicles as well.  We’ll also use a variety of software tools and in-class assignments to keep the class active and interesting.

Key Topics
  • Introductory course for folks new to or outside of the field.
  • Goals
    • characterization of the dynamic characteristics of structures
    • prediction of response of structures to dynamic environment
  • Subjects
    • free and forced vibration of single degree-of-freedom systems
    • forced response of multi-DOF systems (transient, frequency, random)
    • modal testing
    • component loads analysis
  • Will use software to illustrate these concepts.

Who Should Attend

This is an introductory course for engineers new to or outside of the field.  Most engineering schools do not require a course in vibrations, so many working engineers do not have an understanding of natural frequencies, mode shapes, and loads analysis, topics that are constantly under consideration in the design of aerospace hardware.  This course will provide them with the understanding necessary to work with dynamics experts as well as tools enabling them to make basic calculations on their own.  In addition, it will provide a foundation for new engineers who wish to enter this discipline.