AIAA on-demand Webinar: “Flight Dynamics and Einstein’s Covariance Principle”

7 November 2012 - 30 September 2013

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The great divide between Newtonian dynamics and Einstein’s Relativity is a chimera. Einstein had great respect for Newton and made sure that his theory would converge to Newton’s three laws as conditions approach classical proportions.

Flight dynamics, which is based on Newton’s laws, is no exception. During an one-hour perambulation, I will acquaint you with Special and General Relativity as it applies to classical dynamics.

Modeling of flight dynamics benefits greatly from such a vantage point. The physics of the problem are separated from its computational aspects. Tensors—independent of coordinate systems—model the physics, while matrices, created from these tensors by introducing coordinate systems, are coded for execution.

Key Topics
  • Classical and relativistic dynamics
  • Covariance Principle applied to flight dynamics
  • Use of Cartesian tensors in flight dynamics
  • Compact computer coding of matrices obtained from tensors
  • From tensor modeling to matrix coding

Who Should Attend

Physicists who are interested in dynamics.
Engineers who aspire a deeper understanding of flight dynamics.
Simulation specialists who build complex aerospace vehicle models.
No prior knowledge of Relativity or tensors is required.