AIAA on-demand Webinar: “CADAC++ Framework for Aerospace Simulations”

13 February - 30 September 2013

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This 90-minute Webinar, the creator of CADAC++ takes you on a tour of the history and architecture of a simulation code that supports aerospace simulations worldwide.

CADAC++ is the framework for simulations of airplanes, UAVs, three-stage boosters, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, hypersonic aircraft, and orbital vehicles. Its long history began 1978 in FORTRAN and now continues since 2000 in C++.

You will discover CADAC++’s modular structure, the encapsulation of data and methods to build vehicle classes, multi-object/run-time polymorphism, and input/output. Sample simulations will showcase the graphics capability and stochastic analysis tools of CADAC Studio.

You will bring a basic knowledge of C++ to the Webinar and will leave with an understanding of the CADC++ architecture plus free access to several CADAC++ simulations as well as CADAC Studio.

Key Topics
  • CADAC’s 35 year history
  • Complete C++ rewrite of the original FORTRAN version
  • Modularity and multiple vehicle instantiation
  • Plotting and analysis with CADAC Studio
  • Summary of active CADAC++ simulations

Who Should Attend

Those in the fields of System Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, and Software Systems would be interested in this webinar.