AIAA Webinar: “UAV Conceptual Design Using Computer Simulations”

3 April 2013

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You join a comprehensive Webinar for designing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Though time does not permit teaching a complete graduate course, you will learn how multiple aerospace disciplines come together for building a UAV.

Airframe, propulsion, guidance, and control are synthesized in a computer simulation to conduct design iterations and performance evaluations. Your laptop is your design bureau, workshop, and test range. For follow-up, you will receive free access to the computer simulation used in this Webinar, and references of additional study material.

Key Topics
  • Conceptualizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Integrating subsystems using computer simulations
  • Conducting Sensitivity Studies
  • Evaluating flight performance
  • Explaining simulation framework CADAC and providing free download instructions

Who Should Attend

Those working in the fields of unmanned systems, systems engineering, and modeling and simulation would be highly interested in this webinar.