AIAA Webinar: “Missile Defense: Past, Present and Future”

11 September 2013

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Missile defense, especially national missile defense, has changed drastically from the air & missile defense systems once in place in the 1960’s to the current strategic missile defense planned for the US today and for NATO Europe in the coming decade to 2020. The nature of the air & missile threat has changed rapidly over the intervening years including new forms of both strategic and theatre ballistic missiles, the new forms of cruise missiles, and now drones. The changing guidance systems of these missiles have changed the targeting and kill probability challenging the defenders against such new missile forms. Unfortunately, the development times of today’s defensive missile systems are much slower than the time taken to introduce these radically new threats.

This webinar, from 1300–1430 hrs on 11 September 2013, reviews the historical threats and attacks against the US together with the past and present proposed national missile defense systems with their shortcomings. The technology of new defense systems currently in the laboratories is reviewed to postulate possible new air and missile defense systems for the future. The webinar is liberally filled with actual historical and technical data on all aspects of the threat and the necessary defense.

Key Topics
  • Threats to the US and to NATO Europe (Past, Present and Future)
  • Evolving threats that Change the Thinking on Air & Missile Defense
  • Systems Engineering Review of Technical Performance, Cost Schedule & Risk
  • Current and Proposed Future Defense Architectures to Handle “Any” Future Threat

Who Should Attend

  • Managers in the Government Defense Departments responsible for National Defense
  • Managers in Defense Companies responsible for Air & Missile Defense Programs
  • Chief Engineers in Missile Defense Technologies and R&D
  • Professors and Students in Academia involved in Basic Missile Defense Theories