AIAA on-demand Webinar: “Introduction to Bio-Inspired Engineering”

7 February - 30 September 2013

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The primary purpose of this course is to inform engineers and other technical professional in the use of bio-inspired engineering (BiE) to expand the design space of possible solutions to technical problems. We do that by first understanding how nature solves problems. Then, and at least as important, is learning how to translate biological knowledge into engineering practice. Even though the domain of biology is vast and new discoveries occur daily, much is known about biological solutions. Turning this knowledge into technical solutions is the challenge we face – it is also the focus of considerable attention in modern BiE, and hence this course as well.

Key Topics
  • A general overview of the relationship between living systems and engineering, and how biosystems can and do influence engineering design, from structural materials to systems engineering to the nature of design itself.
  • Applications of bio-systems to optimal design in engineering.
  • Structures and materials in nature
  • Special emphasis on compliant and smart structures
  • The bio-inspired engineering process

Who Should Attend

Those who are in the engineering fields of structures, materials, and engineering design should view this webinar.