AIAA On-Demand Webinar -“Space Radiation Environment”

1 January - 31 December 2014

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This webinar defines the planetary and interplanetary charged particle radiation environment required to appropriately assess the effects of radiation on personnel and electronics. The effects of charged particle radiation are briefly addressed. Equations of motion are presented leading to an understanding of the mechanisms of particle gyration, gyro-frequency, Larmor radius, mirroring, and drift. The trapped radiation, cosmic ray, and solar event environments are then described in detail. Available models for each are presented with references. Simulation results for a variety of situations are presented. An understanding of the material discussed here are important to address the detailed interactions with electronics and personnel that will be covered in a follow on webinar. Effects of radiation exposure

Key Topics
  • Effects of radiation exposure
  • Equations of motion in an electromagnetic fields
  • Trapped radiation characteristics and models
  • Cosmic radiation characteristics and models
  • Solar particle events characteristics and models
  • References

Who Should Attend

Those interested in the space environment field.